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1. Dota 2

2. Dota 2 hats

3. Dota 2 hat styles

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I don't think I disliked any of the games I played from this year. That said, I was disappointed a bit by Antichamber. There were decently sized portions of the game I just found ho-hum, and the puzzles never reached the heights I was anticipating.

I wasn't really expecting much from it, but The Raven only barely managed to scratch the point and click itch I had going when I bought it. It was OK, but just barely so.

And though I loved the first episode, I am not happy with how long we've waited for episode two of The Wolf Among Us. I mean, come on. I bought The Walking Dead after all the episodes were out, and I'm wishing I'd just waited for that with The Wolf Among Us.

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It's my personal GOTY, that's for sure. Never befor ehave I enjoyed a game so much that it pretty much destroyed my desire to play anything else.

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I'm very sorry. My condolences to the GB family, Ryan's new wife, and every one of us who will miss that charming "It's Tuesday!". Won't be the same without you, Ryan. You were one of us.

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Not a newbie (level 29, so not really a vet either), but I hopped into a game with a few of you earlier today. My name in game was Dmitri Ivanovakoffovichakowski. Was fun. I do have a regular group of friends I play with and am not really afraid to solo queue, but it was an enjoyable game.

If any other not so new players want to group up, I'll be watching. I don't really want to go up against really new players. Makes me feel like a dick (but if it has to be that way, I'll just play a hard support).

I'd be glad to group up and give some tips too. I do use my mic in-game.

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@humanity said:

No idea why people play games on hard first time through. Usually it just buffs enemy health and makes the game a chore.

The challenge is fun. I'd rather it be too heard than too easy (which is just boring).

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It's both a classic and a personal GOTY contender. The world building is just phenomenal. Columbia as a setting engaged me more fully than any game world since the original Mass Effect (and that game didn't also have the stunning visual design that Infinite does).

I loved the gameplay and story as well. And this is all coming from a guy who didn't care for BioShock the first (or I couldn't like it. It just gave me too much anxiety to be able to enjoy it, and I ended up quitting the first game after a couple hours).

The world, the characters, the combat, the story, and those moments (like picking up that guitar in the Shantytown bar basement...). This is a game that will stick strong in my mind.

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  1. PC
  2. 3DS
  3. 360
  4. PS3
  5. Wii

Yeah, I'm mostly a PC gamer nowadays. And that's weird, because I'm gaming on a god damn Sony Vaio. That really shows you how wrong the people are who say "Don't want to spend $1000 on a gaming PC". Low settings on a PC these days still often look better than most games on a console. I'm even playing Planetside 2 on it. So yeah, I'm thinking I'm probably just a Nintendo-PC gamer these days (and yes, I will eventually get a proper gaming PC. It's not really a pressing matter at the moment, though. I can play most of what I want to play at the moment).

I never had a DS, so I've been going through that whole backlog as well as the few good 3DS games that have come out so far. Combined, it's quite a nice library. I have to say the DS Zeldas kind of suck, though. Or they suck by Zelda standards, at least.

360 is third because that was my main gaming platform for years, and I still have that library of games I'll replay. The PS3 is a strange one. I have a ton of unplayed games for it, but I just don't like turning on my PS3. I can expect my gaming on it to be delayed by (1) a firmware update, (2) having to install the game, and then (3) patching the game. And I'm reeeaaaally not fond of the controller too. But, yeah. I really have a ton of games that I need to get to for it.

The Wii is pretty much done. I've not turned it on since I finished Skyward Sword over a year ago, and the console itself has actually just been sitting in a drawer for most of that time. Whenever I want to replay something on it, I'll pull it out. But I've just had many other games to play.

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I'm like that. I still get surprised or revolted at the things people will say online. I hope I never stop having that reaction. I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't obsess over it and write a blog about it. But yeah, I'll never stop reacting to fucked up things as being fucked up.

I dunno. I guess I just always want to maintain that dignity and respect for people.

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Nope. It doesn't make me feel ill or anything, I just don't really care for the effect. Sometimes I'll be like, "I wonder what this looks like with the 3D on...". Then I'll switch it on and realize it looks the same, just shittier. So I turn it back off.

I hear Super Mario 3D Land uses the effect better, so maybe I'll try it out more when I get around to that game.