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Updates for a month

Ever since Giantbomb started the quest. I been nuts trying to do them all. While I have slowed down a good amount since the quest started. Im happy to say I just finish the 30 status updates. I missed so many days it took me way to long to do that quest. 



while i was adding more pictures to the Commando Steel page, mainly to rank up my points, i started thinking i should really play this game. It looks like a Contra, metal Slug clone, but for the DS. I like both games, and I like the DS. So in my mind I may enjoy this game. One of the things that are turning me off about the game is that it looks lame. and the Ds is not really a system that smashing the same key right to me. It feels to light in my hand to want to play a game were i press the same key over and over again. but out of curiasity i looked up the price of the game. its for 19.99. thats a great price for a new game. even a lame clone game. So I'll do it. I'll buy the game nex week. add info to the page, and make it my first review game on Giant Bomb.



Just came back from target and best buy. I like going to those 2 places to looks for games because sometimes you can find great bargen games. i found Phoenix Whight: ace attorney  for $10, Ninja Gaiden for the DS. $25, and Spectrodes for $19. i was mainly looking for wires for my PS2 and my Wii. I came out empty handed since i only have $30, and I am returning to college after a 3 year "break". once i do have some extra cash I may get a bargen game or animal crossing wild word.

Currently playing. Civ. Rev
Current GB activity; Finally satisfied with the Dark cloud page. Making pages for old Game boy games.



Well I found my DS, but not my AC cord so I could recharge it. Being the weird DS geek that i am I have a Car charger for it. So For right now my DS charges as I drive to and from work. I restarted playing Civ Rev again. i picked up the game of the week. This time i'm playing as the mongols, which I have not done. But becuase of how I'm charging my DS i have no idea how much life it has, so I'm playing for a very short while.
Well Today I also looked into import game for my DS. I fouond some good games, but I mainly got interested in Jump Super Stars. I really like Fighting games, and I like most Jump charaters so I may get into it. I also so something that could play NES and SNES  games. for about 50 bucks. I loved my SNES. till some one Stole it. so getting something like that , and if it really works, I'm all into it.
well my current GB ativity. I'm working on the Dark Cloud page like I always am. and oddly 2 days ago I was going to make a page for game Henry hatsworth, but becuase it said that was the working title i didn't . now seeing that it got mention on the front page i wish i did make that page.



well still no real game play for me. I been just adding more images to DS games, mainly the lame dumb games that i feel may get forgotten. I also wrote a little to the Dark cloud page. If anything that page has been my main work here on Giantbomb. slowly I been adding thing that i remember about that game. It's been a long time since I played it, I don't even think I still own it.  So its taking me a while to write it.


Gamer Blog 1

Well starting this mainly because I have some time. not sure what to really write.

Current games I'm playing

 none. my DS is MIA, my Wi well my dog destroyed the sensor bar, and my PS2 is not connected to my TV. For that matter neither is my TV.

Current GB activity

. I been posting pics for many DS games. Kinda just to raise my points, and also because i just had the time to do it.