My Top Ten Games of 2012

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  • There were few games this year that really connected with me. I have always loved the Tales of Series and this one is no different. The games art style is great, and characters are interesting it has a fairly good story which is only made better by the characters. The gameplay really reminds me of a PS2 RPG and that is a great thing! They do not make enough JRPGs like they did in the PS2 era nowadays. Great Characters, Great Style and Great JRPG gameplay style really made this game my number one game this year!

  • Xenoblade is number 2 on my list for many of the reasons Tales of Graces f is number one on my list. It has a really great story and art style. The battle system and world are unique. Vast vistas and just an amazing experience to be had there is no better way to say goodbye to your Wii.

  • Halo is one of the few shooters that I tend to care about anymore. It has always seemed to stay interesting to me while others have gone off to copy Call of Duty. The open feeling to combat is back and just as good as it ever was. The game looks amazing in fact it may be the best looking game this year. They had some of the artists who worked on Metroid Prime working on this game and it SHOWS big time! I loved the more personal story for Master Chief too.

  • Many people credit this game for being good but too long or to full of filler quests and they would be right. However this game for me was great. The battle system was fun and fast. The art style was fantastic, truly a wonderful world 38 Studios built. While the story was ok it was the great combat that really grabbed me and the world. I had a lot of fun spending A LOT of time grinding away at the games many many quests. I am truly sad this will be the only game made by 38 Studios...

  • This game was a massive surprise for me. A Japanese game that copies the Elders Scrolls games but actually makes the combat good and adds an interesting online component. The world was huge and so every quest you went on felt like an epic journey. The way the game was set up players would basically have to pick which quest they were going to go on hike to the location and back without fast travel. You have to customize your equipment for every quest and you really can only do one maybe two quests at a time this just leaves such and epic and unique feel to the whole game and made it something special. Also you need to use a lantern in the dark which is really awesome it makes anything in the dark more terrifying.

  • Borderlands 2 is just good fun along with good gameplay. While it has not really changed all that much from the past game they did make the AI systems way better along with adding a lot of variety in the guns. The story is better fleshed out along with a better more constant villain for the game. Not to mention the constantly funny script. It is hard to make a game funny but Bordlerands 2 does this successfully.

  • This game is bright and upbeat and I love it. This is another game that should not have been as good as it ended up being. This may be my favorite Forza game. This game is so damn pretty and the music really fits into the atmosphere of a festival and makes everything feel that much better. There are some really unique race types in this, how many games let you race a plane in a car? This comes highly recommended to any race fan or anyone who is curious why so many people enjoy racing games. Besides racing in the main events there are discounts to find, car barns to find and street races to start.

  • This game should have been bad but instead it has come to be one of the best sandbox games of this generation. It has a fairly good story along with great characters and even better gameplay. The game is just dumb fun and the most unique thing about it is that it has a focus on martial arts. This has the best melee combat in any sandbox game and it makes the game itself real unique with some brutal takedowns. The setting is really great too this is a game everyone should play.

  • If you are going to play Max Payne 3 you must play with the small dot aiming ridicule and no aim assist. It makes the experience so much better. Each bullet means something and the way the enemies react to each bullet is truly amazing. It was one of the best shooting experiences I have had for awhile it felt so good to see the bullet reaction of each enemy and the game looked fantastic! It may not be the same Max Payne but it is still one I can get behind more games need this shooting system!

  • This is stealth done right! This game gives you all the information you need and you always know why you got caught. It is a great game with a great art style. Stealth is hard to pull off and this studio did it in a big way. Not only was there good stealth gameplay but it makes you feel like a true ninja which I can say no game has ever done for me before and it feels real real good!