Top 10 Games of 2015

This was a great year for gaming and it really revived my love of games. I would like to say I have an honorable mention and that's Assassins Creed Syndicate. Its a REALLY good Assassins Creed game but that just wasn't enough to make the cut this year. So lets just get to it...

List items

  • This game did everything right. Graphics, great stories big and small, gameplay and world. The world truly felt lived in and it felt like you where visiting a real place everytime you boot up the game. This game was everything I hoped it would be and that doesn't happen often.

  • I love scifi. There is not enough scifi based RPGs in the world and that needs corrected! This game form refined combat which is better than the first to the mechs called to me on every scifi level they could. This is truly a special game that should be experienced by everyone that has a Wii U.

  • This is the game my fanboy self always wanted. Years and years of terrible to Ok Dragonball games this one truly shines. I was able to make my own Z Fighters and fight along side my favorite characters. The combat being one of the better systems in recent DBZ games helps too.

  • Its more Fallout but that's not a bad thing. Combat has been improved with refinements to shooting and enemy AI. I enjoyed the story this time but I enjoyed the characters and the world built around it more, which is normal for open world games it seems. More good Fallout is never a bad thing.

  • This game is fantastic, playing it just feels good. It has truly out Uncharted....Uncharted for me. Great artstyle and an addictive setup for collectibles helps.

  • I am tired of Zombie but this one sines like no other. From the awesome day night cycle to the cool parkour system. This is a game everyone should check out.

  • This is a underrated game. Its an amazing looking waseland with good car combat and fairly fun if not simple ground combat. This game mastered collecting and looting and blowing stuff up.

  • Yeah the car stuff isn't the greatest but the rest of the game is super solid. I loved the story in Arkham Knight especially the Joker parts. The story and all the missions with classic villains kept me coming back for more.

  • This game does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. I love the stealth gameplay, how perfect everything feels while playing and how free you are to complete missions how you would like. But the meta game with the base and the f2p feeling elements of that meta game ruined some of this game for me. That being said its still one of the best games of 2015.