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Points for my card

Hmm...strange blog title eh? Not really when you think about it.

The title represents me unlocking achivements. The achievements are of course shown on my gamer card. I bet you would have never figured that out (done with the sarcasm). I've been taking a break from Halo 3, and instead I've been playing Assassins Creed, Harry Potter OOTP and Guitar Hero 3. The only reason I'm playing OOTP is for the easy achievements. I've unlocked over 700+ points out of it and for now I'm finished with it. I'll go back in later days and finish the rest up. Shouldn't be too hard. Assassins Creed however is in fact going to be difficult. Finding all the Templars, locating all of the flags, reaching all high points, and then going back to talk to Lucy. Going to suck but I'll do it...eventually. AC has given me 700+ gamerpoints as well. Not bad at all. Guitar Hero has only given me a few points because I'm not the best player. I'm learning to play hard mode and playing expert at the same time. Playing expert then playing hard is kind of a good training exercise for me. I'll progress in that slowly.

As of right now my Gamerscore is at 4,745. I'm slowly working my way towards 5,000 and I can't wait untill I get there :) Wish me luck as I wish all of you luck on getting your goals met. Have a good day and thanks for reading.