Life and TLAD

Hey guys! whata been going on? Hope you guys are having a good time on earth. ;)

Just wanted to talk about some stuff. The Acadamy Awards were pretty cool. Kind of a shock that Sean Penn won best actor but at least Heath won best supporting actor.

Now on to games. I got The Lost and Damend DLC a few days back and I'm loving it. Single player story line was kind of short but it was fun. Much more gory than the Nikos story and some nudity for those pervs out there. The multiplayer and the guns are probably the best this DLC has to offer. The new modes are lots of fun and can keep you going for days. The guns are very cool but some of them are kind of a waist because they already have others weapons just like it. The pipe bomb is just like the grenade and the pool and the grenade launcher should have been faster to explode when it leaves the chamber. Besides its minor flaws its a very good for $20 and will keep you busy for days. I know a lot of people out there are button mashing like crazy with SFIV. I'm hoping to get it soon. Thinking about getting the arcade stick but I want to see how it is with the controller first. People are saying it doesn't respond in some spots. Also, Resident Evil 5 is on its way. About 3 more weeks I think till I get my hands on some awesome boss kills.

Hope you guys liked this little blog, Cya around!



Yea so, this is my first blog on giantbomb. I used to blog on gamespot until they banned me so now I guess I'm going to start blogging on this site from now on. Seems pretty decent and I like the main menu status bar of favorite games and places and stuff. I bought Gears 2 last saturday and I am really enjoying the game. They've  added a lot of cool stuff to the game. If anyone wants to add me on XBL my gamertag is Edward1211. That was my old gamespot name. We'll I'll see you guys later. Gonna go GAME!