SCII is inferior to SC:BW

(Its 4 in the morning here, the grammar is probably non-existent)
I will try to justify to you all why I believe BW is the better game (unlike some others with their pointless complaining) 
At the heart of any game is its gameplay, and SCII fall short of the benchmark its predecessor. I'm sounding like a pompous ass but I have played a ton of SC on ICCup (the international gaming platform, the place to face the best) and watched the pro scene in Korea (Grand Finals is this Saturday!) That being said, I am really disappointing by the mechanics in SCII. Starcraft has always been about the careful balance between micro and macro, a thin line only the best can tread. This balance is something that must always be in the game, built into the game engine and be the foundation of the game. In BW the greats showed how to play, iloveoov the alltime macro beast and pros like Bisu showing fantastic micro. It is here I believe SCII fails. The micro.

                                                               Watch Nada's insane micro. Could a hellion reproduce the awe and fear the vultures caused?
                         An inferior force defeating a greater one? That never happens in SCII, the best the smaller army can hope for is to delay the opposing army and retreat. 
The greatest deficiency in SCII micro is with the air units. In the before mentioned video Savior has mutas, capable of the moving shot. This technique allows the attacking force to attack without decelerating. For units like the muta and corsair this was an invaluable tool, ensuring their usefulness. The moving shot is so vital in SC, the idea that Blizzard would take it out in the sequel is mindblowing. It allows players with the skill to control their units and dominate their enemy by moving, shooting, moving shooting etc. There is NO difference between a 50 apm and 300 apm player in SCII. In SCII there is no unit capable of this moving shot. Maybe the Void Ray but then again, it got nerfed. The Protoss air unit Phoenix is pretty much useless. Rarely seen in pro games (idra/TLO might use em in a couple of matches) the Phoenix instantly begins to decelerate as soon as it attacks. The first lasers come out and the Phoenix becomes a shiny dead duck in midair, unable to move. A unit without any mobility is a useless one no? This leads to the point that a smaller force can NEVER engage a greater one. If it dares to fire off one volley, it has to take the chance of receiving even more damage. This lack of micro is unbelievable. The vulture and Fantasy's uncanny control of them can never been seen in SCII. 
To make up for this lack of micro Blizzard played with the balancing of unit stats throughout the entire beta. Ranges were increased/decreased, damage was heightened/lessened, blah blah blah. Yes it was a beta and ofc balancing will happen. But the frequency and magnitude of some of these changes show even Blizzard is not sure of the balancing. They can keep releasing patches, jiggling with the balance until the end of time. Never going to fix the lack of micro. I don't want to trash Dustin Browder and his team. SCII is a fine RTS, one of the best this year. But being of the same lineage as one of the best RTS of all time it stacks up short. Real short. 
Additional Notes:
In SCII there are units that are useless after a point in the game. The reaper is the prime example. After the early game, why would anyone invest the time and gas into a weak low-tier unit when more powerful units are avaliable. This is a unit whose sole purpose is to harass, yet he is useless after the first 5 minutes. Watch any pro game and the reaper is rarely used. All units in BW are viable throughout the entire game. 
PS. If anyone wants me to add more, answer questions, elaborate, I will continue with this topic.

Street Fighter 4: GOTY

Hear me out. Sounds crazy right? I have nothing against the GOTY Bombcast (I would probably agree if I actually owned the game and had a PS3) and support their decision all the way. Despite all the accolades that Uncharted 2 has received, I'd rather commend Capcom on their revival of a series and entire genre. This year (or more accurately last year) I spent most of my gaming time SPDing fools and the like. I've managed to break the achievement page on my profile, with my hours spent playing the game exceeding the showing capacity of the page. The game is so good.........from the balanced, finely tuned characters (screw you Sagat. I still hate you) to the days wasted at friends' homes learning how to use a stick, I've loved every single minute spent playing the game. I'm seriously considering buying a stick. Insane. My only gripe is the matchmaking. God. In spite of sitting for minutes spamming the X button hoping for a match, that game is still a gem. Look at me! Last time I actually played a SF game was SF2 at the mall, waiting for a movie to start. Just talking about the game makes me want to play it now. 
Rounds of applauds for Capcom everyone! Wooooooooooooooo  

My GOTY List.


Patrick Kane.....What Are You Doing?

Patrick Kane was charged earlier today with attacking a cab driver in his native Buffalo, starting because the cab driver lacked the 20 cents for change. The driver said he was choked and punched in the face by Kane and his cousin for not having the correct change. I remind you, this is a player in the NHL who will make millions in his future and made $875 000 last year. Completely disappointing for a man who is fresh off the cover of NHL 10 (soon to be best hockey game on the market) and the cover boy for the Chicago Blackhawks. This is absurd, why would you even.......ugh.......arg..........common sense, come on. Patrick Kane looked to be one of the main reason for the resurrection of hockey in Chicago and now has serioulsy jeopardized his image and standing in the hockey community. It's just frustrating to see shitty behaviour from him. I expect this from Terrell Owens and pricks like A-Rod but nowadays anything is possible I guess. 


Video Games are a Form of Art.

I think this argument has been around for decades, maybe even during the 8-bit era. Now, I've heard arguments for both sides and have made up my own opinion, as seen by the title of this blog post. Jack Kroll of Newsweek wrote in 2000 that "games can be fun and rewarding in many ways, but they can't transmit the emotional complexity that is the root of art." I'm not flaming at the dude's thoughts but I disagree. Art is an expression in its simplist form, a expression, thought, idea that is in the physical from a subjective view. There is beautiful art, and ugly art to some. I think the gaming industry has produced some remarkable pieces of art. I believe that the gaming industry has three forms of art: graphic/stylings, story, music. 
The graphic/styling of the game would be the obvious form of art, actually viewable by the person. Some games have astounding graphics like Crysis, bluring the boundaries between virtual and real life. Games like Okami, while not running on powerful cards like the before mentioned Crysis, are as equally appealing to the eye.  
Story plays a huge part in a game (I think) and should be considered an art form. The Metal Gear series has always been pushing the boundaries of video game story telling, with Hideo Kojima telling his crazy tale of Snake. Are books not considered an art form?  
Music. The final piece of gaming art. Every game has a soundtrack, each composed to support and enhance the gaming experience. How many times have you wanted to find the soundtrack because it was mind blowing? For me, the Martin O'Donnell experience in the Halo franchise drove me to actually get the soundtrack. I'm sure the majority of people will tell you that indeed music is a form of art. 
Maybe individually these three art forms might not satifiy the critics of the gaming as an art form discussion, but together, they truly are an art form.  
And yeah...I'm kinda tired of this conversation too. But....whatevs.


I Miss the Good Old Hotspot...

*cue Midnight Brown*....and here's your host-master.......RICHHHH GALLUPPPP

Had some spare time and decided to dig up some of the more memorable Hotspot podcasts and remembered how great these were. A round table of Rich, Jeff, Alex, and (insert name) would be an instant way to cheer and crack up. From their crazy antics and hilarious phone calls, the Hotspot was the first ever video game podcast I subscribed to and waited every week for, just to listen to those crazy bastards. I still laugh when I hear the dicussion about the origin of Rich's eyebrow (I bet on the ghost punching him).

Grant you, the Giant Bombcast is great, but the original Hotspot hosted by Rich (yeah, I know Bob C. was the first host) is what I consider the greatest and grandaddy of all video game podcasts. Then came the departure of Rich and the debacle of Jeff's situation leaving the podcast and entire website in shambles. I couldn't listen to another podcast without Rich and Jeff, and stopped subscribing/listen to it. I hope one day they bring back the old crew for one big podcast with everyone, Giantbomb crew and the old Hotspot crew. 

Anyone else with me on this? I just miss the good old hotspot. Comment/Reminisce Away!

...For all your stories from the wonderful world of video games check out GIIIIIIIIIAANTBOMB DOT COM!!!

*Edit* Add your favourite Hotspot quote/moment in your comments!

I Give Thee......Halo Anime!

By the looks of that looks like Gundam: Halo Edition. I'll admit, I'm a huge Halo fanboy, read all the books, play the games religiously but with this anime idea looking and sounding.....ugh, I fearing that the Halo franchise will soon reach the milking stage that Guitar Hero has suffered. Fingers crossed it won't be, but Microsoft has got to slow down with this soon-to-be saturation of Halo.

As a bonus........I give you the return of Kane! (allegedly for the last time *tears* )


What Do You Want Houshmandzadeh???

Not much of a story but Seattle Seahawks reciever T.J. Houshmadzadeh is pissed off and boycotting the Madden franchise for his lowly rating of only 91. Hearing this, he got up and decided to do an interview where he raved about how his old team the Bengals are the reason for his Madden rating, throwing his old team under the bus. 

What more do you want Mr. Houshmandzadeh? (Best last name in the NFL)

....Jamlegend anyone..?

Might look like another Frets on Fire copy but Jamlegends has a number of features that I found interesting and enjoyable. The biggest feature I liked about this site is that all the songs are tracked by the users and anyone can upload songs they have tracked. You can challenge your friends and duel them, competing for the high score. It has all the usual things like friends lists, favourites songs, customizable controls, achievements, rankings, high scores etc.  All the songs have the usual four difficulty levels and the song base is varied from game-songs to classic rock. Although the song base is still small (noticable missing tracks include Metallica, Van Halen.......the majority of classic rock bands) it makes up for it in its charm. I'm not trying to campaign or adviertise for it or anything, I just stumble upon it and want people to give it a whirl.

So make an account and rock!.........(sounded quite lame, yes I know.)

Apple is the most overhyped thing since.........NEVER.

Bloody hell. Mac this, iPhone that. All you Apple fanboys frustrate me. Bloody condesending douches. Not a single apple fan boy I have met in my life hasnt been condesending and a twat. And its even better, considering my damn English teach for all 4 years of high school is the biggest Mac humping d-bag around. Seriously. Doesnt shut the eff up about his precious apple until theres 5 mins left in class. Really? Always ranting about how great your damn computers are. I wouldnt be sick of Apple as much as if YOU PEOPLE STOPPED TELLING ME HOW APPLES AND MACS WILL SAVE THE DAMN HUMAN RACE.

So whats so bloody great about your overhyped company? Oooo your OS. Its so simple. Never gets a virus. So shiny and perfect. No. No. No. No. Windows is a completely competent OS with great features and is simple. Just that you apple fan boys are so far up ur own arses you cant look around and take a look. Never gets a virus? Really. That because NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOU. Guess what. You own fucking 7.6 of the ENTIRE MARKET SHARE. Here:
There you effing go. Whats the point of a virus that can only attack 7.6% of computers? Get it through your head. No one wants to here about the glory of your damn computers. I could rant for ever and ever but then I would just be hypocritical. (Psst. Yes you mac humper. Your the one also raving bout your precious crap.)

iPods and iPhones? K. iPods are great product. HOWEVER. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT FROM YOU PEOPLE. iPhone? No thank you. Blackberry ftw. Oooo its touch screen. But its just like all the over things in Apple's catalog: a toy. I want a phone not a shiny piece of shit.

I'm done ranting about this crap. Bring it on Apple Fanboys. Bring it on.

*Edit* Yes, I realize I was over the line in this but.....anyhoo, I will make this a recurring segment: "[Insert Anything] is the most overhyped thing since......NEVER."

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