Why is it.....?

Why is it that I always seem to like the least popular online games?  For example, my most recent purchase, and yes I know it's already a bit old, was Armored Core 4. I mean, it has the best of the video game world, flashy graphics, big explosions, cool robots with swords, and a puzzle-like quality to building the robots, or AC's for you Armored Core fans. I can spend a ton of time in the AC garage building, testing, re-buidling, and re-testing these things until I feel like I have the perfect mix of defense, offense, and mobility.  Then I'll go into a simulation against another bad-ass AC and just dominate, move to the next battle and get stomped. Then the whole process begins again. That's really the only reason I bought this game, since the online is D-E-A-D. I'd love to get a match going every night but I don't think that's going to happen, especially since Armored Core For Answer is out and has just as bad of an online community. Awesome game with nobody online.

This is just my most recent game that nobody on my friends list plays, others include Battlefield: Bad Company, Burnout Pardise, etc. etc. etc.

Gears of War 2 will be spinning in my 360 on Friday night. Will anyone on my friends list be playing it too? With my luck, I doubt it.