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Download our EP for FREE or buy it. All proceeds will go to Japan

Hey guys! So we're releasing our album today for free through our official website, also uploaded all tracks to soundcloud if anybody is interested in checking that out. But we are also selling copies of it in our bandcamp page. Since you downloading a digital copy doesn't really cost us anything to produce the we have decided to donate the money we get from that to charity for Japan instead.

We titled the EP "Araw ng Pagsubok" which is Filipino that roughly translates to "Day of Challenge." We thought it would be a dick move if we used that as the name of our album and ignored the people who actually had their "Araw ng Pagsubok" recently. Anyway 3 of the songs are in Tagalog so I dunno how you're gonna enjoy those (lol) but we do have 2 English tracks and an instrumental one.






Thanks again guys! Again you can download it for free through our website at:

But if you want to buy the tracks, we'll make sure to funnel the money to those who are in need