2D Design, Photoshop and Illustrator- 4 days in- 7 days left

Hi everyone, 
I've been working pretty hard for the last 4 days, learning photoshop and Illustrator for the job in my previous blog. 
You are all a big part of what keeps me motivated (even the naysayers), so I've come here to share (again) my work with you. 


Ok, I didn't mess around in it too much, learned the basics of masking and managing layers and basic filter, effects and image manipulating panels. 
I watched an EXCELLENT Digital Tutors video tutorial on the essentials. 
I didn't use it much, just for preparing pictures I was gonna use in Illustrator. 
And by the way, I made this stylish wallpaper for my desktop. 

 My pet huskies' penetrating gaze!
 My pet huskies' penetrating gaze!
original here
I'll probably do something with it, maybe pop in the arrow that's right between her eyes and make some kind of logo out of it... 


 These is where I spent the majority of my time. I was hampered by a very tedious, slow and annoying tutorial and teacher from Lynda.com. 
I was 2 steps ahead the whole time, the guy repeated all the basic tools 3 hours in... Hated it, but I learned all I needed, just took more time than I was expecting. 
So, here's some Illustrator work I did: 

 Smart people know what pedestrian crossings are for!
 Smart people know what pedestrian crossings are for!
My made up idea for an ad promoting safe and smart transportation and commuting habits =) 
Really liked the idea, plan to make at least 1 more (road's a chasm and the zebra's a rope bridge) 
 It turned out pretty much EXACTLY like I envisioned it in my mind- I'm proud of it. 

Double Fine anyone? 
Double Fine anyone? 
So, this was actually done in Maya, and this is just a simple render but I'm not going to make a Maya section here so whatever. 
Pretty straightforward- cheerful, playful and colorful. 

No Caption Provided
This is the first thing I imagined and started working on, but kinda fell apart in the process.  
Polar Eclipse was my fake, imagined brand of perfumes and toilet waters for men- you can see the logo and the "Glacier" bottle over here. 
The logo was suppose to be textured on the rough glass, making the logo look polished and smooth. 
I dropped it and started working on different things, this seems like a dead end now- well see... 
The last day to send in CVs and portfolios for the job is on the 16. so I got about a week to go- I'll do my best. It's 3 in the morning now, I'm off to bed. 
What do you guys think?  
Thanks for reading,