A little about me & The Battle Plan

A little bit about me 

Hi  faithful followers and newcomers alike, 
I just wanted to point some things out before we get further into this. I'm from Croatia (the land of Serious Sam, Nikola Tesla and Dirt 2 rally tracks)- 
So, expect blog updates at strange times, because (I guess) most of you here live in SAD and Canada which is at least +8 hours difference. 
Also, forgive me for my engrish. I got kinda rusty since I quit playing WoW a few years back so I don't use english on daily bases anymore. 
I'm 23 years old, working as a mechanical engineer in a small firm designing, drawing and calculating ventilation, heating & cooling installations for malls and other buildings like that. Sounds cool, right? 
  Well, the job's not bad and I like doing it, but the down side is, I didn't receive a monthly salary since March. MARCH! So, needless to say, I need a quick job change.  
      Actually, I could use the coins as well...
      Actually, I could use the coins as well...
I'm looking for a new job, at least setting the wheels in motion, but I was starting to think about my passion, work, willpower, energy and what I really wanted to do. 
This is where the 3d modeling, Maya, and eventually this blog come in. So,   
The Battle Plan
is to hon my skills every day after regular work, rest a bit on weekends and probably  squeeze some more work  in the meantime. 
I'll focus all my efforts in finishing the Sackboy model first, be assured I'll blog the hell out of it in the process. 
All that, of course, while I try to change and ensure my short term future and financial security.  

Thanks for reading...