My answer is...


I've played it EXTENSIVELY now and I've had no problems. Then again I've only played it single-player and local co-op. I also don't take my profile to other 360's ever.

I know the big issue is supposed to be that the game is MEANT for multiplayer yet it doesn't work online but personally I feel like it's meant to be played in the room together just as much... like a traditional beat'em-up. And I've had a ton of fun like that.

I don't think it's fair to completely dismiss the game on the basis of these bugs. If the upcoming patch fixes the multiplayer problems it will be a fantastic game on all fronts. There's hope yet.


I am born!

Yay me.

It was my goal to secure the totally convoluted username "Chris" for this site. And I did it. I hope there's no problems with that, I can imagine that if any staff members at Giant Bomb were ever named Chris they might want it. In which case I'll be happy to change.

Actually I only woke up 20 minutes ago, I came to Giant Bomb and it was still displaying the "Landing soon" thingo.  So I started my usual daily process of checking feeds. Then I hit to see if Jeff had posted anything about the process of trying to launch a site and to my surprise his twitter feed said that the site was up as of 5 minutes ago.

So I'd have to imagine I was one of the first ever users of this site. Looking forward to it.