Submissive to submissions!

It's addictive isn't it?

My only gripe is that I search the boards to make sure my submission isn't already there, then I go submit's in there for days...then someone else's submission for the same thing goes through meaning I know mine will now be rejected.

So how exactly does this work?

If two or more people submit the same thing, does it go in date order? Or is it just pot luck over who gets the points and who gets rejected?

Anyone with the knowledge to explain this, or have a similar gripe?


My first blog ever!

Yeah, so this is my first blog ever, regardless of being on Gamespot for years!

I just never bothered with the whole thing, but feel with Giantbomb just starting up and I can grow with the community and get into the gist of it all.
Hopefully I can make this thing a habit and meet some like minded dudes/dudettes.

Oh, I made a submission for the addition of Barry Burton (Character) on the site. How could he not already be on it!

Well That's it for me first blog!

They shall improve with time...I hope