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Great on IOS 0

Ever played this game on iPad. well if, you're a fan of Sonic, you'd be lucky to have this on your IS device if you purchased it before it closed. Also, it's very playable offline so you don't need the wi fi unless you feel like playing on multiplayer....

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YAY, Sonic on it 0

Will, I do have to agree that Sonic is inferior to Mario when it comes to sixty four bit, still that doesn't mean that Mario's a better actual character than Sonic. I guess you don't have to be a better character too have better games, but I like how it has Sonic featured on there and that he's playable, just like on the super smash brawls for the wii. Oh well. gotta go. WHEEEEE!!!...

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sonic at his best in 8 bit 0

Wow, first Sonic took Mario's position in sixteen bit, now in eight bit. Wait, did I just say that? OH yes I did. Did you know the eight bit era continued on in hand held consoles till 2004. I haven't played it much, but at the least, I played out enough to know that it's extremely fun to play, minimum glitches that don't get in the way of gameplay and on top of that, a very child friendly game. While it's based on sonic the hedgehogs one, two and three, the game provides an remarkable experien...

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Seen better on 0

Forgive me, but I've never actually played this game. Still, I'm gotta review anyway. Anyhow, I looked at and checked out some of it's gameplay for it, and the way I see it, it's a remake of an old game. Just like those so called sequels to super Mario advance. Sometimes I reckon that critics don't test things out portly anymore sine the beginning of the sixty four bit era....

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Haven’t played it 0

Well, to be honest, I have never played this game. But I saw how how it came back for gameboy advance and be more a sequel for Mario advance. If you ask me, I reckon Nintendo wasn’t quite creative with the advance series for Mario compared to Sonic from Sega t the time. I mean I know what this critics said about Sonic advance 2 and 3, but at least their plots were as original as the first Sonic advance game....

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remake 0

Okay, I’ll be fair and honest about this. It’s not exactly a new game when it came out, it’s more like an old game bring put into newer technology. I mean it’s like the developers and fans of these game are just not to chance....

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Great game 0

One of the few good games that has been on Sonic CD. Also an opening animated cutscene where we Saw Sonic really run. Cause if you get the Sonic And Metal race done in good timing, you might see Sonic outrun Metal's boost. I saw it on a YouTube video before....

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Lock on tech 0

There are two major reasons why the game is wroth the fame. Michael Jackson's involvement of music theme and lock on technology. The original game for the Genesis has an open flap for Sonic and Knuckles so that two games can become one. You don't get that on any others....

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Quick one 0

Let me be clear. I respect Mario, but come on Nintendo, get real. Not everyone will agree on this game. if you ask me, I reckon the developers have been out of reality for too long. Don't get me wrong, it's meant to be child friendly since it's made for children, but I couldn't help but feel it may give children the young idea about going out in space without a space suit. Besides, the emulator version didn't get exactly five out of five stars and in my opinion, the total of five may mean two po...

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Great with flying colours 0

Talk about five out of nine colours of the rainbow. The original hit it off with great story plot and better game play. Yeah I know it had a lower star rating on meteoritic than S.M.G, but it had a slightly higher star rating than S.M.G on the dolphin emulator app. Even with a killer void on it, the display of the game is still beautiful. And the Ds version turned out to be slightly better according to critic reviews. Absolute awesome. one of the two best Sonic games in 64 bit in years....

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unrealistic 0

i know that games don't have to be realistic, but smaller planets don't have and much gravity as earth, in fact, in reality, smaller planets have far less gravity so if you're on a smaller planet, you'd feel much laughter than you'd feel on earth. Also the dolphin emulator version of the game along with the sequel has slightly less star ratings than four of the emulator versions of Sonic's games. Look it up on dolphin wiki if you don't believe me....

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wish to play it 0

I haven't played it, but I watched how it was played many time on Youtube. It may not have perfect game play compared to the recent 64 bit Mario games, but it has a better story plot. least it's now available to play on steam, but you'd have to purchase for it. And if you have a mac instead of a pc, download and infall wine bottler so you can get a steam app on it that let's you play it....

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Fun Sega game from childhood 0

The game and it's previous one were the only two video games I had fun playing rather I'd win or lose without so getting frustrated as a child. I reckon it's the very game that had Sonic totally out rank Mario in the 16 bit era. now this year, with Sonic forces having a build your own hero, he might be able to finally become the new king of the 64 bit era. Though i'd sought that cause Sega may be too lazy to deal with the glitches they're meant to deal with....

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Why I reckon it's an awesome game. 0

Okay, so it may not have outranked Super Mario World, but it's still better than Super Mario's first game. Anyhow, I love the for it's one of the only two video games I had fun playing rather I win or lose. These days it's now playable on any device, including iOS and on a saved game webpage on desktop. In case you don;t know, you can like save webpages featuring your favourite 8 bit, 16 bit and portable games to play offline. But the saved webpages can only work offline if you open them for th...

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Rather silly game 0

Mario hitting a poor innocent dinosaur on the head, please don't get me started on this. I know it's just a video game but really, how can Mario call himself a hero if he is to hit the heads of animals he rides on and kill living things, just to resume a darn princess. but then again, that's my opinion. If you don't like my opinion about the game, then please ignore the comment....

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A game now playable on any device, including iPhone. 0

Oh I absolute love this game, it's one of the only two video games I had fun playing rather i win or lose without getting stressed with it when I was kid. Also I now play it on iOS and a saved webpage on mac. Di you know you can save many game web page for offline playing. although it would stop working if you delete anything on the browsing history of the internet server that powers it....

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