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The Dark Knight is a Buffet of Awesome. [No-Spoiler]

I don't usually like going to the movies, I'm more of a wait-for-the-dvd kinda guy. The few times I've been in a movie theater, there were always some jerks that ruined everyone else's experience. People yelling at the screen, idiots playing with their shiny cellphones in the middle of the movie, and the worst ones, those who already saw the movie and thrive on the idea of anticipating every single scene to their friends while being loud arseholes all the time.

But this time I felt like ignoring my previous atrocious experiences and went to see The Dark Knight along with a couple of mates. Well, being a huge fan of Christian Bale and the DC character itself, I really couldn't do anything else but fell for the hype that surrounded this movie even before Heath Ledger's tragic departure. 

And boy did I make the right decision. This movie is plain ol' badass.

Everything, from the acting to the soundtrack (which constantly gave me the goosebumps), it all matches to create such an amazing atmosphere, such a dark mood that makes it even more enjoyable. I loved every minute of it, and there wasn't a single moment that made me yawn or cringe. Usually when it comes to superhero movies I tend to be a little hypercritical and end up breaking the spell, so to say, but this movie was just so intense that blew me away. And certainly, Heath's performance as the Joker made this process a whole lot easier.

I have to admit, at first I was a bit skeptical when it was announced that he was going to be The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie. But then the first pictures started leaking from the set, and a shitload of trailers started to pop out, and all my doubts started fading away as my enthusiasm grew bigger and bigger. I eventually came to the conclusion that this may arguably be one of the best acting performances in history. It was strange though, watching him pull off something this huge and knowing he isn't here anymore. 
Apropos, I don't know about you but there's a specific moment that hit me like a punch in the stomach...the scene where he leans out of the police car, the music stops, and there he is in the ecstasy of his own insanity...such a wonderful, and meanwhile sad thing to see.

Anyways, I never left a movie theater so pumped. Ever. I think it was the same for my took a couple of minutes for us to come back on earth. I'm quite sure I'm going to watch it again soon tho, it's worth every penny.

Right now I don't even want to think about the next movie in the series. One thing is for sure: I don't envy the poor chap who's going to portray the next villain.

Have a good day my fellow bombers.