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I will be travelling to san antonio in a couple hours, then to houston to go to Manchester United's game vs MLS All Stars, pretty excited for that. :D


tiem for blog

just noticed that the last time I made a blog was a gazillion years ago, so I decided to write something new. I've been enjoying summer so far, been watching the world cup, playing some xbox, and going to some parties. I'll be going on vacation with my friends to either San Diego, San Antonio or a beach here in Mexico, probably Cancun or Vallarta. 
meanwhile july arrives, I'll try to finish mass effect 2 again and final fantasy xiii, been loving both games, also I'll be playing gears 2 with some friends on xbl during the nights.
I think that would be all, cheers!


this is not a blog, so don't watch

I told you so.
go away, nothing to see here.
seriously :B
alright, stay if you want, but don't take mah cake.

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tiem for teh blog

just noticed that the last time I wrote a blog was last year ._. so I decided that it's time to write a new one! :D
spring break in mexico started today, so I came with my familly to San antonio, TX, gonna do some shopping, specially clothes and maybe some videogames, I'm interested in mass effect 2 and ffxiii, and maybe RE5 gold edition, I'm still not sure about ffxiii, while I think it looks awesome, I've never played a JRPG so I'm not sure if I'll like it. :/


just finished Dead Space

so as the blog title says, I just finished Dead Space, and I have to say that this is probably the greatest Survival Horror game I have ever played, the story is really good, the gameplay mechanics are fantastic, and all the atmosphere makes the game pretty scary. The only thing that I disliked was that the game is a bit short and it's a bit on the easy part, but still it's a very enjoyable game. The best thing is that I only paid 20 bucks for this masterpiece. :D What I wonder is how the sequel will work. :o


I kinda missed this place

well I haven't really been active in the site since november started, all of a sudden I just lost interest in everything related to video games, I barely use my 360 now, however I kinda missed being in this place, you know this is actually the only website I visit other than facebook, the community here is fantastic, I hope I can come back more often here. :)
keep it fresh GB. ;)


Muse - The Resistance

just got the album, it's kinda short but it's full of fucking win, their best album so far imo, the Exogenesis Symphony blows my mind, some great riffs in the whole album with fantastic lyrics, I completely recommend it.