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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on XBox One is soo lacking in players..... Come Play with me.... I'm so lonely..... Gam...

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Bored as shit

So as the title says I'm fucking bored,
Anyone up for some 360 gaming?
I'm thinking

  1. MW2
  2. TEKKEN 6
  3. Worms Armageddon
Hit me up on XBL if your interested
Gamertag: xAAx Coombs

Another month closer.....

So it's February, 
What does that mean?
Well what it means is that we are now only a month and a half away from the release of.....

I have said it before and I will say it again,
This game looks sweet and I cannot wait for release day.

So Bad It's Good

Out of all the 360 games I have ever played this is the only one (Aside form a couple arcade titles)
That I have ever thought to myself, "Wow, This game is so bad that it's good"
Simply put:  I Love This Game
Which is strange because from every angle it is a TERRIBLE game
Graphics: Bad
Story: VERY Bad
Gameplay: Clunky (at best)
Voice acting: Awful
DLC: Non Existent
Online Play: Non Existent
Yet on the Fun Scale I have to give it  8.5 / 10
I honestly don't know why, The only thing I can think of is some sort of twisted nostalgia factor,
But I can't even figure that out. Oh well, I guess I should just shut up and enjoy.
Seriously, Giant Ants, Spiders, Robots, And Space Ships?
Whats not to love? Other than everything else about the game........ 


!!! JUST CAUSE 2 !!!

Have I mentioned lately that JUST CAUSE 2 looks amazing?
And is coming out in less than three months?
No? Ok
JUST CAUSE 2 Looks Fucking Amazing!!!!!
And Is Coming Out In Just Under Three Months!!!!
I just had to say it again,
This game just blows me away, The combination of the parachute and grappling hook makes for Soooo many different possiblities

Just Sayin......

Giant Bomb Fight Night

So I've been wanting to do this here since I joined but have been to busy, What with X-mas and all.
What I want to do is organize a weekly Fight Night event,
The basic plan is to have a Big 16 man FFA match on HALO 3 Every Friday at the same time.
(I've done this elsewhere & its alot of fun) 

It would be 3 ten minute matches with no score limit, Whoever has the most kills after 10min wins the round.
Each round will be on a different map Custom made for these events (More on that later)
Once all 3 rounds are done the winners of each round go to the "Trifecta", 
In which only the 3 winners play and they each have 3 lives, The last man standing wins. 
And now some specifics:
The first match will be on Friday January 8th at 10pm PST  (Open to discussion)
All of these matches will be recorded and a highlight reel will be posted each week
Of the 16 player slots, 5 will be reserved: 
-1 for the winner of the previous week
-3 for the 3 people that made the maps that were voted for that week
-1 for me, Because Im organizing & recording everything
Which means there will 11 open slots for everyone else, First come first served basis.
If you want to be a part of it all you have to do is:
1. Send me a friend request my Gamertag is xAAx Coombs
2. Be online at the specified day & time (Invites will go out at EXACTLY the specified time) 
--Invites for reserved spots will go out 5 minutes before the mass invite
3. Be one of the first 11 people to accept the Invite
Map selection will be by vote:
Each week you will be able to vote which map you most want to play,
The 3 maps with the most votes will be the maps played that week.
Maps Custom Made for this: 
All the maps for this will all be custom made,
I could do this myself, But my taste in a FFA map and yours may be very different, And I want everyone to have fun.
So what I want to do right now is hold something of a contest, I need to enlist all the skilled mapmakers here,
All you have to do is make a map, you can use any map you want, Just set it up for  16 man FFA Slayer
Then PM me a link to the download page for your map.
I will check out all the maps submitted, any I think would work well I will make a short video of and put up on here for you to see,
We will hold votes to determine which maps will become the "Official"  GBFN (Giant Bomb Fight Night) maps.
We will end up with one custom version of each map. These will be the maps which are voted for each week. 
You will of course get full credit for being the mapmaker, and if your map is voted for that week, you have a reserved slot.
When submitting your maps they must fit this criteria: 
1. They must be named:   GBFN "your maps name"                    Ie: GBFN mybestestmapever
2. They must be setup for 16 man FFA Slayer                               Make sure your spawn points are setup properly
3. You must link the download page for your map   Ie: Foundry Canvas
4. They must be original or downloadable HALO 3 maps, NOT ODST maps
Happy mapmaking and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.