GOTY 2018

This is basically what I've played from the year. It isn't specifically the best of the best that have been released since I am a big behind in my library but what I've had the best time with. I caught up a lot of backlog this year.

List items

  • An excellent and beautiful exploration experience with solid racing mechanics. Not totally arcadey but not a sim. A nice semi-casual balance. Wheel support could be better though, but after the recent updates (Including the incredible DLC for Fortune Island) have addressed some of the issues.

    Fortune Island DLC was excellent as well.

  • What can I say? It's an excellent title. Just go play it.

  • A completely relentless onslaught of Doom-like gameplay. Nostalgia heavy for the nostalgia generation. Cannot recommend enough.

  • This series will almost always be in my lists. I thoroughly enjoy racing games and Formula 1.

  • Fantastic game. Basically super meat boy but cold and frustrating.

  • MM Mobile 3 came out this year in July. I've put a bunch of time into this. It's a 5 dollar app that features Formula 1, Endurance and GT racing as disciplines that you can manage. It's well put together and fun.

  • Fuck you. It was put on Steam this year. It'll be a part of the list if it's put on any platform. Just play this masterpiece and thank me later.

  • Very underrated. Came out on PS+ as the free game for December and honestly I feel this game deserved more praise. It's quite a fun pick up and play title and good for a party game too. It has interesting and simple mechanics.

  • An incredible game. The DLC is also very, very good. It's what you would expect from Civ.

  • I am adding this because it is an excellent free game and this year it was ported into the Nintendo Switch platform. The gameplay is pretty good considering what it has to work with. Looks excellent as well. It is far behind the PC version which is probably a good thing considering the open world content is very technically demanding.