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  • cuckfupertino posted a message on the post Episode 311.

    Truly the Fast Five (+1) of podcasts. Thanks for getting the gang together one last time.

  • cuckfupertino posted a message in the forum topic How much cardio improvement if I'm going to cut 50lb of fat. on the Wrestling board

    Swimming, cycling, rowing (e.g., erg machine), and running are great cardio exercises! Running is probably the worst on that list because it is the most impact-heavy. I don't have a program for you t...

  • cuckfupertino posted a message in the forum topic Was Giantbomb part of the CNET Sale?. on the General Discussion board

    @colourful_hippie: Why does anyone think they’d have to sign an NDA? I’m sure some folks at CBS and Red Ventures signed NDAs, but those are lawyers and executives and accountants who authorize the sal...