On-rails social waving.

Trust me, the title makes a little bit of sense. The weird title just means I'm once again not sticking to one topic and going off the rails, so to speak. The past few weeks have been a pretty exciting one here at Giant Bomb with the new search and staff, but a few things have been bugging me lately... 3 things, in fact. You want me to list them? Fine! Here you go! 

  1. What is with the social network overload? I have one of these Twitter accounts which I mainly use for Giant Bomb purposes, and it will periodically show that I scored some sweet achievement points for that particular chunk of time (or a random quip about whatever food craving I have that day.) Now I noticed when Ryan Davis (famous Giant Bomb celebrity) is playing Blur, it was posting stuff in the game he was doing. I know several games have done the Twitter/Facebook integration and I wonder why people need to blab about pretty meaningless bullshit. I know Twitter is chock full of waste, mundane comments, and Justin Bieber hate (my favorite kind of hate) yet I have no interest in seeing every last detail about a person's progress in a game. Achievements are enough. Back off, internet!
  2. RailWorks! Avid Steam users have noticed the steady stream of DLC releases over the past several months and more importantly, the sales of said DLC. RailWorks has a tendency to clog up the front page with deals on multiple pieces of content for days and weeks at a time without any regard for other sales that are meaningful. There are a total of 42 DLC packages ranging from single trains to new routes totaling over $600 at the moment. I am not against train sims at all and I do enjoy the occasional Railroad Tycoon game, but nobody can force me into buying RailWorks unless I win the lottery or if they sell the whole damn package for less than $100. Or maybe a Quick Look can persuade me?
  3. This sudden name change pisses me off! Project Natal is rumored to be getting a new, more generic name... supposedly it's gonna be called the Wave. As in, "I wave my hands to scroll through the movies on my Netflix!" I'm already very skeptical about Natal and it's also-rumored $150 price point, but what bugs me the most is that now I have to program myself to call this the Xbox Wave, Microsoft Wave, Wave, whatever. When introducing a product, have a name already picked out! It's like naming your child Vinny when you find out you're preggers and then changing it to Brad when he's born. At least Sony was honest and just called it nothing early on. They were all like, "Hey we got a motion controller, too! But I don't know, call it whatever you want."
Well I've got more Stars to grab this Memorial Day weekend. have yourself a durger on me, everyone! You've earned it!