The future of Future is looking more digitized.

It's hard to believe that the antiquated print magazine is still around despite the rise of the internet and tablet PCs, but I guess there's still people out there who prefer the feel of paper across their fingers. I'm not on of these people. Once I started using the internet regularly, my Nintendo Power subscription was no more replaced with Gamespot and IGN, the powerhouses of gaming news at the time... and the present time I guess. That was about 12 years ago.

Today, Future might not have a future in the print magazine business as they're boosting their digital department and perhaps cleaning house. That means mags like Nintendo Power, OXM, Edge, and PC Gamer might be only available on your iPad or Steam or your mobile talking device in the near future.

I'm not exactly against this digitalization of media, but it is another memory from my childhood that is coming to an end as a former subscriber to Nintendo Power. I had always looked forward to my monthly Nintendo fix through that magazine and it's sad to think kids these days might not have something like OXM to look forward to in the mail. Then again, kids have the internet and I'm speaking like an old coot who hates change. Change can be good, dammit! We get our news virtually instantly nowadays so the thought of waiting a month for news is sounding ridiculous in today's world.

In a few years, the children of the world will be reading Nintendo Power on their magic screens while I will look through my old, tattered pile of Nintendo Power mags looking for cheat codes for Super R-Type and tips on how to beat the final boss in Crystalis.

Now get off muh lawn!
Now get off muh lawn!

Now if you excuse me, I'll be downloading Alpha Protocol just to see what the hubbub is all about. I feel obligated to try it out since I paid about the same amount for that game as a convenient store chicken sandwich I had today... and I hope it's just as good as that sandwich.