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Dark and Bittersweet, Like My 17th Mug of Coffee. 1

Trials And Tribulations is the third game in the Ace Attorney series, and gives us another peek into the world of the Wright & Co Law Offices. It's a courtroom drama like no other, where every case is a murder of highly suspect circumstance, the courts are decided without Jury on a penalty system and you; Phoenix Wright, have at your disposal helpers with psychic powers. The games are divided into two segments, a courtroom portion where the defense does legal battle with the prosecution, and...

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An Extreme Invasion. From Space! 0

I feel it's important to note straight off the bat that this is a budget priced game, and as such I have to credit that to the game and keep it in consideration. It's a simple game for a cheap price, but that doesn't mean that it has budget game play. But does this game stick out in the densely populated crowd of classic remakes that float atop the market like a thick scum?Space Invaders Extreme had to have begun with a thorough inspection and breakdown on the original game, you can tell that th...

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