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Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. Style, Skill and Sick Jumps 0

Trials is Awesome.If you haven't played Trials, its a side-scrolling motorcycle driving game where you control only the throttle, the brake and the ability shift the rider's weight forward and back (so as to tilt the motorcycle up or down). Using this simple control scheme you are tasked with completing time trials through obstacle courses. You go as fast as you reasonably can while navigating jumps, dips, uneven terrain and other obstacles. Its what Excitebike grew up to be.Trials: Evolution Go...

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400 Days is Enjoyable, but May Leave You Wanting 0

400 Days is the Walking Dead equivalent a sampler platter. It gives you just enough of each of each character to become interested in who they are then take you away to play another before things get too deep.This DLC chapter has you play 5 different people, at 5 different points in the 400 days after the infection starts, and all centered around a truck stop in Georgia. There is no continuation from the first five episode. I played characters in order from left to right on the screen where you...

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