DannyHibiki: Favorites

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  • I replay this annually. Awesome game mechanics, art, music, and everything just gels together so well; even the goofy voice acting really adds to the whole package. If you don't consider this game at least "good"....why don't you like video games?

  • Hideo Kojima'd all up! Loved for all the same reasons as Castlevania, except the voice acting is believable and the script is sharp and funny. The "gameplay" isn't really much of a factor here, but it's such a great experience that is only possible in video games it needs to be here. Needs another game in the franchise BADLY. SD Snatcher doesn't count.

  • Yeah, I like dating games. At least dating games that are this fancy. 5 discs, PocketStation crap, a goldfish catching mini-game, RPG battles with gang members, and anime ladies that will say your own name! Hot dog! It's seriously devoted to being the fanciest, most complex dating game. There's a simulated childhood sequence that effects your high school years, which I found pretty novel. The girls in this game aren't as boring and stereotypical as other dating games too. Date a depressed volleyball player, your student council president that's a pro at fighters, a rich girl that builds mechs, or possibly risk the student teaching job of that older girl you thought was cool when you were a kid. This game actually has tons to it, and even though my Japanese isn't the best, it's lotsa fun to mess around with.