Giant Bomb IRC

My buddy jax made this posting on his blog, so if your into IRC and your a GiantBomber read below

Well it's not quite an official GB channel yet, but we've got one up and running for those of you who want to chat live.

Download mIRC at

Port: 6667
Channel: #giantbomb

For Firefox users:

Download your friendly neighborhood IRC Client (I recommend ChatZilla
Restart Firefox
Open up ChatZilla

To join the GiantBomb IRC chat users should do these steps...
            1. in the chat box enter "/server
            2. again in the chat box enter "/join #giantbomb"
            3. Chat away!

If you have Chatzilla you can also just click this link and it'll connect automatically.



Gee Guess I Was Stuck In A Portal

One of the first challenges the player is faced with.
One of the first challenges the player is faced with.

OK… so every ones last year sleeper hit/game of year. PORTAL has just graced my console, the version i choose to play was 360. no not because im a fanboy, i love the other 2 system’s and pc equally. but as you all know i love my achievements, they make me wanna play my game more. any who back to the delight that is portal, im so amazed that such a simplistic concept, has been crafted into a masterpiece ,  just coolness of this game, is well…. you have to play it !. i only rented the orange-box to play portal. but the orange box has so much content on it u don’t really realise it till its on your screen after i beat portal im going to definitely pick the orange-box to play through the half life’s and TF2