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Retro never felt so fresh. 0

Epic box art There is few games that stand the test of time, especially when they don't have sequals or the backing of a large company (Zelda, Metal gear and the like). Squaresoft made many games in its earlier years but not all seemed to be overly noticed, final fantasy took alot of publicity whilst secret of mana took the rest. One of the few gems that I had the pleasure of playing in its hay day was Secret of Evermore, a game with a fairly simple RPG like system with a story that I have...

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Balancing act done right. 0

Seeing as this is my first review I will probably sound overly critical, its how I am and how I view anything when I first come into it. I will throw my personal opinions in first, the one thing that stresses me during a review is people saying I and me. Personal OpinionMy personal first impression of the game was how complete it felt, when you started it didn't feel as if any of the idea's where half done or unpolished and everything worked how you would expect. I was surprised at the change i...

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