Gaming Playlist - June 2012 (1)


DiRT Showdown

I wrapped up the initial playthrough of the main mode at the end of May, but wanted more. The game encourages you to get Silver, and then Gold medals in all events, and also has the Battersea playground mode from DiRT 3, but this time with an additional location - Japanese Dockside. The mode tasks you with collecting hidden packages and completing skill challenges - a drift on this particular corner, a jump between those two locations. Its good fun, and was the perfect accompaniment to listening to E3 discussions. Getting Gold on all events is pretty hard, but if you're playing DiRT Showdown then you're in deep with the series.

Red Faction: Armageddon

The first of a set of games I started but didn't finish that I planned to go back to. Nothing to shout about, the gameplay is interesting and playing about with different weapons is fun - you'll find your own favourites. It was challenging in parts but not frustrating. The problem is that its just unambitious in every way, which upset those that enjoyed the originality of Guerrilla. The story feels weak and disjointed, but for the price you can pick it up for these days, I'd recommend it. I had a go at the Ruin mode which is a wave based defense mode, and it isn't bad. Go pick it up and invite me to a multiplayer session!

Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Thanks Playstation Plus! Planned to pick this up just to see what's up, so getting it for free is great. There are loads of car classes to keep it fresh, which is a good thing as the driving model and collision detection isn't ideal. The scripted changes to the tracks per event keep things interesting and keep you on your toes, and coupled with the boost/overheat mechanic its exciting.

Far Cry 2

I got an hour into it 3 years ago and left it alone, as it just didn't grab me like it did for others. Guess I was looking for a more guided experience, and as I'm looking for more open challenges these days, this jumped out at me from my shelf. I love the little touches I've seen, such as colouring the signs to guide you on your way, and the controls that let you jump into the turret of your jeep. There are a few scripting issues which are normal given its ambitions, but nothing game breaking so far. It feels open, and lets you go straight for the main missions or pick up side objectives and hunt for diamonds. Not spent any yet, so I'll have to visit the gun shop next time I play. The buddy mechanic that gives you a helping hand is interesting, and the map/GPS is well designed. I'm only playing on easy as it pissed me off on medium with the constant firefights.

Also Played:

Everybody's Golf, Max Payne 3 (multiplayer), Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Mutant Blobs Attack!, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown.

New Purchases:

Everybody's Golf, DiRT Showdown, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Humble Bundle V (Amnesia: Dark Descent, Psychonauts)