GOTY 2012

My top 10 games of 2012.

List items

  • I loved the first game soooo much and I love this one just as much.

  • A Walking Dead themed choose your own adventure. What's not to love.

  • I really like open world games and this one is the best of those this year.

  • Great conclusion to the series. Ending was a little confusing though.

  • A great mix of open world and the Forza style of racing.

  • Another open world game with a great story. I kinda want to visit Hong Kong now (maybe not).

  • Very underrated game that was a lot of fun. Co-op was interesting also.

  • The gameplay is straight up Gears of War with robots, but the humor in the story and characters really won me over.

  • Third person Skyrim. The level cap being at 30 is a bit of an issue for me, but the gameplay and exploration are top notch.

  • This is on the list because of the improvements to the story. The multiplayer and zombies parts are some of the best in the series, but the campaign was way more fun to me.