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    Binary Domain

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Feb 28, 2012

    A group of international soldiers take on an army of rogue androids in this sci-fi shooter set in 2080's Tokyo.

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    Big Bo tackles a robotic opponent out of a building.
    Big Bo tackles a robotic opponent out of a building.

    Binary Domain is a cover-based shooter conceived by the Yakuza series' creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and published by Sega in February 2012. Taking place in a futuristic Tokyo that has been besieged by a large force of hostile robots, the player is part of an international peacekeeping group that is fighting the invaders.

    However, the robots are said to be exhibiting signs of sentience and are capable of acting like human beings, creating an ethical quandary that is said to play an integral role in the plot. On top of a 10-hour-long single-player story mode and a 4-player co-op mode, Binary Domain contains several online multiplayer modes for up to 10 players, and five player classes that can be used in these modes.



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    Binary Domain, at its core, is a Sci-Fi third person cover based shooter with Real Time Strategy voice commands used for tactics. The combat can vary based on the inputs given by the player to his/her squadron. Each character has their own specialty and change the pace of combat drastically if paired to better fit the players style. The control of Dan Marshall fairs very similar to most popular shooters. There are several shop locations strew throughout the campaign that allow for customization of "nano machines" that allow the player to increase Dan's or any of his companions health, stealth, accuracy and speed. Also you can upgrade each players signature weapon which will increase ammo capacity, reload, power and accuracy or purchase sub-weapons used as a secondary arm.

    Social Consequence System

    One of the most touted features of this game is the Social Consequences system. By helping your teammates in combat and occasionally offering praise when they deserve it, you can build up a hidden social rank with them. The more affinity they feel towards you, the more likely they will listen to your orders in combat and even pro-actively take out difficult enemies for you. On the flip side, the more you insult them or leave them out of the action, your teammates will stop listening to you and obeying orders, making it difficult to effectively engage the enemy forces as a team. It's also hinted that your social choices will affect events at crucial points in the game's story. Players can even issue commands to their team-mates through their headset. With the game being able to distinguish between six different languages.

    Invasion Mode

    Invasion mode is a wave based combat mode where it pits four players against multiples of various Amada Robots. Unlike other popular versions, Invasion mode is unique in which the player is required to start from the initial wave every time. Every five waves, it allows the player to change character types and purchase weapons upgrades, new explosives and medical supplies.

    Currently there are only three maps:

    • Underground Warehouse, Upper City
    • Shibuya Station Square
    • Outside Agro-Center, Upper City

    And seven different character classes:

    • Heavy Gunner
    • Recon
    • Special Ops
    • Demolition
    • Sniper
    • Striker (available in multiplayer DLC pack)
    • Ninja ( available in multiplayer DLC pack )


    Binary Domain also contains a versus mode where it pits players against one another in either one and one or various teams in several different modes. Here are the different modes:

    • Team Survival: Very similar to Team Deathmatch except the round ends only after an entire team is wiped out instead of simply re-spawning during a timed match.
    • Operation: Operation plays similar to King of the hill except you defending supplies that the enemy is trying to destroy.
    • Demolition: This mode requires teams to work together to arm several bombs in key locations as the opposing team attempts to disarm.
    • Team Deathmatch: Traditional Team Deathmatch, two opposing teams of five vs five.
    • Free for All: It is the standard everyone vs everyone deathmatch.
    • Data Capture: Plays very similar to capture the flag, the player is responsible for acquiring the opposing team's Data Module and securing it within their own base.


    Main Characters

    Dan Marshall

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    The hero of the story, American Sergeant and ex-Special Forces member on the Rust Crew who often argues with his superiors and is forced to make tough decisions that his squad-mates don't always agree with, but is confident enough to see them through. Dan Marshall is nicknamed "The Survivor" for his ability to escape near death combat situations. He has a past of lashing out at his own personal service bot for not protecting his mother from his drunken father and considers all robots to be "Rust Buckets". He has made it his personal mission to see the Amada Corporation put down as their Hollow Children are a violation of the New Geneva clause 21.

    Roy "Big Bo" Boateng

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    Roy "Big Bo" Boateng is the close friend of Dan Marshall and fellow American ex-Special Forces. They share a long history together and usually work together before the Rust Crew. Roy is the heavy weapons guy on the Rust Crew and another American who loves the direct approach to fighting. He primarily carries around a heavy machine gun.

    Faye Lee

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    The daughter of Chinese farmers, Faye Lee is an immigrant worker turned soldier. Faye Lee is the only survivor from the Chinese recon team, as they others were killed in combat on arrival. Her relationship with Dan is dictated by the player, the more trust they share directs their relationship towards the end of the game. She is a Chinese recon expert on the "Rust Crew" who is a crack shot with a sniper rifle.

    Charles Gregory

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    Charles Gregory is a veteran British operative agent and former MI-6 agent who is the official leader of the mission. He prefers a covert approach and often clashes with his American comrades on the Rust Crew. He contends with Dan Marshall about the overall tactics but ultimately allows for him to decide. Charles has demonstrated an overzealous attitude when it comes to negotiation situations. Charles is a tactical expert who wields a sub-machine-gun.

    Voiced by Troy Baker.

    Rachael Townsend

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    Rachael Townsend is another British operative agent who loves blowing things up and specializes in Close-Quarters Combat. She is one of the only characters to not fully display a relationship with Dan Marshall besides a few key combat scenarios. She is usually calm and collected and responsible for handling communications between Dan and Charles.


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    Cain is a robot with a French accent who joins the Rust Crew near the beginning of the story. He is equipped with multiple functions such as a zip line and hacking software. He is a byproduct of the Bergen Company which is believed to be stolen designs and information of the Amada Corporation. His relationship with Dan Marshall is controlled by the player and even can add a different story path depending on trust levels.

    Akira Shindo

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    Akira Shindo is a member of the resistance group against the Amada Corporation and aids the Rust Crew in their fight. He commands a group of refugees against the growing distopia of Japanese conformity using robots in their every day lives. He has a weak bladder and tends to wield an assault rifle.


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    Kurosawa is a Japanese detective tasked with pursuing the Rust Crew attacking the Amada Corporation. His first run in with them is during the introduction of the French squad rendezvous in the Upper City. He attempts to capture the Rust Crew during their escape from a rooftop, using a rifle to sever their zip line wire, sending them crashing into a passing monorail. He later comes to terms with the Dan Marshall's mission to expose the Amada Corporation as they have mass producing "Hollow Children" into the world's population.

    Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, for both his English and Japanese dialogue.


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    Although never called by name, the Constable is Kurosawa's assigned partner tasked with capturing the rogue Rust crew attacking the Amada Corporation. The constable is a rookie just promoted from Traffic. He believes the Japanese Government is withholding information about the Amada Corporation and their violation of the New Geneva Code regarding "Hollow Children".


    In the early portions of the 21st Century, many of the world's major cities are flooded by rising water levels, sending humanity into panic and chaos. However- re-construction efforts succeed in building new major cities, using the old flooded ones as foundations. These re-construction efforts are only successful due to major advances in AI and Robot technology- as Robots are used for much of the construction.

    With the need for such technology being incredibly high- the America-based Bergen company becomes the dominant force in the market- effectively ensuring America's stature as a superpower in the new world. The Japan-based Amada corporation claims the Bergen company became this successful by stealing their technology, and attempts to sue them. However, the Bergen company is too powerful by the time Amada corporation attempts this, resulting in Amada's defeat.

    By 2040, the New Geneva Convention is signed into effect in reaction to various new world economic issues. One of the most heavily enforced clauses in this convention was Clause 21, which banned the creation of robots that could pass for Humans. Such robots are code named 'Hollow Children.' To hunt them and anyone who would breach Clause 21, The International Robotics Technology Association created the 'Rust Crews.'

    The core plot of Binary Domain begins in the year 2080, when an incident occurs at Bergen Company's Headquarters. Specifically, a Hollow Child storms the HQ, seemingly driven mad by the self-discovery of his robotic nature. The only company other than Bergen that is known to be capable of making such advanced robots is the Amada Corporation. As such, the player's Rust Crew is infiltrated into Japan to confirm the Amada Corporation's breach of Clause 21, and then detain Amada himself.

    The various members of the Rust Crew are detected very early during infiltration however, putting them into a constant battle against Japanese security and police bots, and Amada Corporation's various creations.

    System Requirements


    • OS - Windows XP
    • Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory - 2 GB
    • Hard Drive Space - 8 GB
    • Video Card - Nvidia GT220 or ATi HD 2600 XTwith 512MB of RAM


    • OS - Windows 7
    • Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.60 GHz or AMD Phenom II X2
    • Memory - 3 GB
    • Video Card - Nvidia GTX 460 or ATi HD 5750 with 1GB of RAM

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