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Resident Evil 4 0

The best horror game I've ever played. It was incredibly awesome. The zombies look so realistic and the characters are amazing. It was fun to solve all sorts of mysteries and explosre the vast areas we were given. The graphics were very accurate and sharp, and the movement and angle of Leon while he runs or walks is right on target. It was fun to have Ashley follow behind, and to save her whenever the infected humans came into view. Overall, concept = amazing. 5 stars, I believe its deserving. ...

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The graphics while gameplay was alright, it could have been better, but the story was alright. I enjoyed the different Materia that you could use and equip with your weapon. The graphics during cutscenes and what not, was excellent and I loved the concept, and the deleted final fantasy seven advent children scene, in which cloud was in. Seeing that made me happy. :D ...

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Kingdom Hearts 0

This game has a complicated plot...but ....easy to follow. I think thats a positive qualitiy. This game has diverse areas to visit and multiple things you can do just to have fun. I loved this game because it has a touching story. The story has to be awesome to draw my attention. This game has some really good graphics at some specific moments, such as the ending, which was also amazing by the way. Nuff said. :D...

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Kingdom Hearts 2 0

....Brilliant. Amazing Reunion of Friends. Graphics = Well Executed. On my favorites list? HECK YEAH. This game was really amazing, and anyone can play it. The best part of it was the ending and the final battle. I maxed out everything in this game, because I love it so much. I can't wait for the last Kingdom Hearts to come out, and the story line in this game is amazing. I love square enix for being realistic with all of their games. I am a HUGE fan....

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Shadow Hearts Covenant 0

This game was very intriguing and the story line was really awesome. There is a endless possibility of morphing! I love this game, and the story drew my attention, and the graphics was like a cherry on top. . . . this game inspired my username. Lol. :D And the piano played at the ending when Karen and Yuri are left there...AWESOME. It was really sad, touching and inspiring. ...

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This game's storyline was overall, AMAZING. I loved the quality and graphics, and it has greast screenplay as well as a endless array of missions and things to do. Although the ending is sad, I think this game has done excellently in executing every scene with such ease. It makes me complete! :D...

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