Tempal of Elemental Evil

Ok - I admit it, I am a bit of nerd when it comes to D&D.  I own most, if not all, of the licensed D&D video games, but somehow I missed ToEE.  The funny thing is I own a lot of Tokra games, so I don't know how I pulled that one off.
Anyway it went on sale for $6 over at GOG.com, so I went "Squee!" and grabbed it.  But alas it locks up on start, and it has been over a week since I heard anything from their tech support.  I did try every single one of their trouble shooting tips, including compatibility mode, re-installs, and tweaking my anti-virus.  Ah the joys of Windows 7 Pro 64bit.


Missing Gamers

Ok everybody that I know up till now that builds PCs plays video games.  NOBODY so far at my new job does!!!  I am blown away that nobody has heard of Myst (the point an click adventure), DOOM or Portal.  I was making a joke about how useful a portal gun would be to move computers in boxes around, and nobody got it.
Oh and for the background on my job, I tore apart and fixed 5 computers today.  3 of them had bad mother boards, 1 had a bad hard drive, and one....well its owner got pretty much a new PC due to the fact that sticky liquids and PCs don't play well together.  I replaced the hard drives, the RAM, the power supply, the mother board, and the DVD drive.



So I am settling in an finding my way around, and I have made this site my home page.  Take that GameSpot!!!
  I am working on hitting lvl 12 in 24 hours, and slowly adding my games list.  I should soooo post a picture of my PC games box.  It is about 18 inches long and is just DVDs + CDs double sided in sleeves.  So yes, I have a foot and a half of just PC games.
These are the movies I own:
Any live tracking of what I am playing with; sorry it's not X-rated:



Hello World....I just found you.
I was an out of work IT that love video games, and just got a job starting Tues.  Lets hope it pays my lovely super sized California rent, and lets me keep my Fallout New Vegas collectors edition pre-order.  And if you are wondering what the job it...its fixing laptops that the Geeksquad could not.