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Front cover of inFamous (US) for PlayStation 3
Front cover of inFamous (US) for PlayStation 3
So I'm playing infamous on my ps3 lately , a tried it a couple of months back but It didn't hold my gaze so to say, I tried playing it, on hard, I'm quite obsessed with playing games on the hardest difficulty but I don't think that helped because starting off the game with no interesting powers lead me quickly looking elsewhere, I gave the game another casual try on easy a couple of days ago and It quickly turned into something I appreciated , I feel infamous is a lot like GTA in a way its urbany feel and street roaming , I think its GTA on lighting minus the grand theft auto which is what makes gta what it is i guess. You know roaming the streets finding collectibles blowing up the bad guys completing useless side missions On a mission to fix up the neighborhood.
Anyway I'm really enjoying the game so far, I'm playing hero on easy I really don't normally play games on such a low difficulty but I'm just not entirely masterful with the playstation analog controller, when I'm done with this playthrought I'll shock up the game on hard and go infamous because I want all the bad karma trophies! also I believe Its a lot easier blowing up everything infront of you than aiming at specific targets so playing it on infamous creates a sense of everything else dying instead of you trying to avoid killing civilians or even the enemies when they are on the floor in a feeble attempt to stop your  your karma reduction . so I generally believe playing infamous on infamous karma rating will make playing the game on hard easier lol.
It just always seems to be easier being the bad guy , Good choices are always harder and self destructive of course that goes both ways. Thinking about that actually , a lot of the bad choices I've made in my life came real easy, and I probably wouldn't have had wanted it another way, a lot of em, not all lol.
anyway Infamous is a 7/10 for me at the moment