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Just broke a cardinal rule of mine

I just paid nearly full price ($60) for a game.  The last time I did that was for Killzone 2 last year, and I regret that decision.
 I just pre-ordered Heavy Rain.  Instead of my typical save-a-buck waiting for a few months, I feel like rewarding Quantic Dream's massive risks, especially since I don't foresee very high sales for this game. 
Has anybody else made special exceptions like this for a game when they don;t normally pay full price?


The cost of indecisiveness

I got paid today (first time in six months). 
I read a post on Joystiq about Assassin's Creed II.  I then looked it up on Amazon.  It was $44, and I have Prime so I could have had it by Monday. 
I realized that I have a big pile of Steam games, as well as the first, as well as the back half of Batman to play through, and I only have maybe 4 hours a week to game with right now, so I navigated away from the page so I could think about it.  Now the game's back up to $56. 
There's no real point to this other than to vent about being indecisive.


My 2009 By the Numbers

I stole this concept from a few people, so don't think it's original by any means.  I just think that it's a good way to summarize what has been a very busy year in gaming for me.  An apparently not a busy night because this list is super long and detailed.  The list of hours is all approximate from memory because I'm not near the PS3 right now.

  • 1 PS3 purchased.  A big deal, obviously.
  • 9 Retail PS3 games acquired.  7 purchased, 2 gifted.
  • 8 PSN games downloaded.
  • 1 PSP Game downloaded (Patapon 2)
  • 11 Steam game purchased.
  • 2 Steam games that I can't actually run on my hardware.
  • 3 Games purchased from GOG (including one 4 pack).
  • 1 game downloaded directly from the manufacturer (World of Goo)
  • 29 games total.
  • 312 Trophies on PSN
  • 87 Trophies in Burnout Paradise alone.
  • 41 Steam Achievements
  • 1 glitched steam achievement
  • 354 achievements total
  • 250 Hours in Burnout Paradise
  • 8000 Miles in the Dust Storm Superturbo.
  • 60 hours in inFamous (or so)
  • 2 Playthroughs of inFamous
  • 25 hours in Fallout 3
  • 25 hours in God of War Collection
  • 15 hours in Uncharted 2
  • 15 hours in Killzone 2
  • 2 hours in Resistance 2
  • 392 hours total on retail PS3 games (approximate)
  • 20 hours in Wipeout HD
  • 5 hours in Flower
  • 5 hours in Flow
  • 5 hours in Pixeljunk Shooter
  • 5 hours in Pixeljunk Eden
  • 3 hours in Shatter
  • 2 hours in Zen Pinball
  • 2 hours in Noby Noby Boy
  • 48 hours total on PSN games (approximate)
  •  9 hours in Patapon 2 (approximate)

  • 19.1 hours in Torchlight
  • 6.9 hours in Altitude
  • 1.9 hours in Osmos
  • 0.9 hours in Grid (barely runs)
  • 0.8 hours in Mass Effect (doesn't run)
  • 0.7 hours in Crash Time 2
  • 0.3 hours in Serious Sam HD
  • 30.6 hours on Steam Games
  • 10 hours in The Incredible Machine Games
  • 1 hour in Pro Pinball: Timeshock
  • 27 hours in Pokemon Blue.  Nostalgia > all
  • 510 hours spent on gaming in total (approximately).