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Top 10? Of 2014

At the time of posting I've not played either Far Cry 4 nor Dragon Age... both of which are likely to have garnered a place on this list if I had gotten around to them

List items

  • Never in a million years did I think a Wolfenstein game released in 2014 would be my favorite game of the year. Partly down to the fact 2014 wasn't a vintage year for me and partly down to the fact that Woflenstein was one of the best paced FPS games I've ever played make this my favorite game of the year.

  • Highly emotional game. The puzzles are simple as can be and some of the mini games are a bit tedious... however I found Valiant Hearts a delight on a visual and emotional level, helped garner a response from me I had never really had playing video games.

  • I have disliked almost every Call Of Duty game ever released. But Advanced Warfare is the COD game that FINALLY realizes it should stop taking it's self too seriously and have fun by embarrassing it's blockbuster roots in a way that I find deeply satisfying. Not only is the multiplayer really invigorating in a way it hasn't been since MW2 but the single player is tremendous fun as well.

  • It's airplane: the video game. Airplane is one of the greatest comedic movies ever made in the same way Jazzpunk is one of the greatest comedic games ever made. The gags come thick and fast and the are more hits than misses.

  • This is the single greatest love letter to an existing licence I have ever seen. It's indistinguisable from the show, and features some of the best writing South Park has seen for years, despite the TV shows steady decline in quality this games story and gags reach the heights of South Park in it's prime. The gameplay is actually kind of fun (though simple) as well.

  • A charming little game which could've easily gone down the rage-bait route as opposed to being a functional game.. Octodad proves the QWOP concept CAN work as long as it's not targeted at Pewdiepies audience.

  • It's Geometry Wars, ignore the 'additions' and play the classic mode and be reminded why Geometry Wars is fundamentally one of the best arcade experiences a person can have. No matter the system or year.

  • The story/campaign in this game is kind of rotten if I'm honest. And I wish the environemnts had some variety in them... but then again you don't have much to work with when it comes to Mordor. However this game is the first that I've played that was able to create it's own organic stories tailored to you with little more than using it's engine and your performance in battle.

  • The Wolf Among Us is flawed in quite a lot of ways, but I loved the lore/presentation and story telling in this game so much it actually got me in to the Fable graphic novels. Not a classic like Walking Dead Season 1 but still a very good example of how episodic gaming can work.

  • It's silly, it's short, it's not always funny and sometimes kind of lame/frustrating. But when it got it right its managed to pull a grin out of me like no other game from the year. And it got it right JUUUUUUST enough to make it on this list.