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That old arcade feeling

I was just reminiscing about the days I would spend in arcades or any place i could throw quarters away. Remembering that smell that you can never really describe unless you just say an arcade room. You would spend the little bit of money you had on the machines designed to take your money away by force. You then wander around looking for an quarters on the floor,left on machine sticks, or the panel of machines. If the machine you played on had a crowd around it, you would try to watch the other people playing and learn how they played the game. Learning their strategies  or just little secrets they picked up from others. Watching people play Mortal Kombat in ways you didnt imagine and  witnessing your first Fatality. Jumping on a machine with a random guy to help him shoot aliens in Area 51. I miss the arcade community. This also reminded me that recently, a movie theater had a Crusin' World machine that my sister was playing. She was doing well but then I told her to double tap the gas pedal for a boost. She asked me how I knew that. Arcades
also can any video game discussion on this site be off topic?