Games That Make Me Wanna Smash Things

Some games piss me off, like, a lot. I try, oh God how I try, to not to get pissy at games. Sometimes, though, things get smashed.

List items

  • Fuck this game and all it's trial and error bullshit. It maybe a 4-5 hour game, but I honestly never wanna play this game again. Fuck this thing.

  • The Skate games piss me off, but Skate 2 was the worst offender. Some of those missions are fucking rage inducing, for me anyways. I really do like the Skate games when I'm just free-skating, though. I'll also admit that I am fucking terrible at them.

  • Uncharted 2 is one of my favorite PS3 games, but Uncharted 3 really managed to piss me off by the end of it. I was just happy to be done with it so I would never have to look at it or think about it again....oh wait.

  • Some people really love Vice City. I think it's a pile of shit that makes me wanna punch old ladies in the face.

  • Fuck you, Trials. Fuck you for making me so angry when all I want to do is love you, you piece of shit.