DeF's Dopest Games Ever List Exclamation Point

I decided I need to create another list that I'll never ever look at. Sometimes I just like to remember things I enjoyed so I'm making a list of some of my favorite games across the years. Not trying to make something life-defining here, just capture great memories.

Alright, here we go!

Note: This list is a work-in-progress. Currently, I only have three titles on there. I will add to it over time since I don't want to force something on there just to fill it out.

List items

  • This is one my all-time favorite multiplayer games. We still play this today when time allows. The crazy player creation stuff, the fast-paced action, the silly announcer and the great 90s Hip Hop sound make this an all-time classic for me.

  • This is probably THE defining gaming experience for me. Everything about this game is just pure magic to me. The music, the artwork, the story/setting/scenario/concept, the combat, the city evolution mechanics, the places you go, the people you meet, the atmosphere and tone of the game. Just wow.

  • We need more pylons. This is also still a go-to multiplayer game. Three to four people with barely any clue trying to overrun inferior CPU opponents because equals would crush us is still hilariously fun. The music in this game also helped set the mood perfectly and introduced me to the cool mash-up of space and cowboys.