Art Direction in Transformers: Prime

So uh, they recently released some trailers and commercials for Transformers Prime, the new all CGI animated show. And uh, they showed Starscream? Maybe? Kinda?

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I'm not seeing a resemblance here.
It doesn't look like Starscream to me. The face looks completely different, and there aren't splashes of red like on the G1 Starscream, there's just a red long spike sticking up out of his helmet. Which isn't on the original Starscream. Also, there's no cockpit. Remember how the cockpit was situated directly on the center torso? There's no cockpit on this new guy. Also, there were giant intake trunks on Starscream's shoulders. These would funnel in air to feed the engines of the F15. We don't have any of those shoulder ornaments on Prime's character. Lastly, Starscream has a nose. Where's his uh, his nose?
Optimus Prime in that video also had no nose. This is a trend of some kind. What's up with the no nose thing? Are noses forbidden in Cybertronian society? Almost everyone in G1 had a nose. Does Megatron have a nose in Prime?  
I think it looks bad. It's a bad design aesthetic. Whoever designed these things has a knack for bad aesthetics, like Derrick Wyatt, the guy who did the TF Animated art style. I really dislike the Michael Bay movie designs too. They look like random piles of metal shards connected together. Prime seems like they just took both the movie and Animated designs and mixed them together.