Swords, Martial Arts and Pure Evilness.

I have recently begun playing other games besides World of Warcraft, so I decided to try out some new ones.

I heard about "Combat Arts"; didn't try it much time but enough to conclude that it is a decent game and has an interesting leveling system.. curiously it reminds me of GunZ/KwonHo leveling system.
I also decided to try this HL2 mod "Age of Chivalry". It has been good so far, I'm starting to love those 10 vs 10 melee fights.

Strangely enough, I have returned to some not-so-new games like Age of Mythology, Command & Conquer: Generals.

And yes, I actually got some new retail games!
- Diablo Battle Chest (Better late than never!)

- Soul Calibur IV

- Ninja Gaiden II

I have not tried the any of those yet (My brother is playing the 360, and I am about to install Diablo), but I'm pretty sure they will be more than good!

Offtopic: I am watching Naruto as far as anime goes. Some random movies too.