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Starting Backlog Bonanza. Playing/finishing 2 old games before I buy a new one.

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Crackdown 2 demo

Played the demo for two hours and this came to my mind:

  • Looks pretty dated
  • Gameplay feels in most parts unchanged
  • Getting achievements during the demo and unlocking them when playing the full game is a nice idea
  • Collecting agility orbs is still fun
I really like the first Crackdown, but I think I will not get this at launch. Possibly a couple of weeks later when the pricetag dropped a little.


WARNING: Post may contain spoilers!
I continue to lose my hopes for a good series finale. So far season six has been more of a dissappointment, the conclusions and answers seem constructed and not like planned from season one. But what bugs me the most is the way some of the characters are 'developed', like Dark Sayid or the deconstructed John Locke. With only five episodes to go I'm afraid the end will suck big time, but then again, maybe they manage to bring it around in the end.


Quest System = Awesome!

Just playing around with the new Quest System and I got to admit that it is an awesome idea. This is why Giant Bomb continues to be my favourite gaming website/web community.