My Top 10 Favourite Games Ever

Please be kind.

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  • My favourite game ever. I don't think anything can beat not even its sequels have beaten this (for me) and they were absolutely stellar products. Amazing soundtrack, perfect gameplay, easy to pick up and play.

  • It's my favourite Need for Speed game of the franchise and just can't stop playing it to this very day. The story is cheesy perfection, a douchebag villain, an asshole police officer and an attractive woman that helps you along the road of becoming the #1 most wanted street racer in Rockport the story is amazing Hollywood trash. The gameplay is very fun (despite the rubber-banding), the police chases can be ridiculously easy and frustrating but I love it. The progression system is so nicely done that I can play for hours on end. This remains the best-selling driving game in history and it's a shame that Need for Speed has lost its stride and I hope they get it back someday.

  • "Unbe-fucking-lievablely addicting" is a great way to describe this game. Burnout Revenge might not be the revolution that Burnout 3 was, but in the end, it changes more than enough to make it feel like a very different game. It's a technical marvel, but more importantly than that, it's one of the most exciting racing games ever made. Unless you don't have the reflexes to handle it, Burnout Revenge is a must-own game, especially for fans of online competition.

  • It's a big possibility that some players (especially Burnout fans) might not enjoy Burnout Paradise's big change in direction. Paradise is anything but a negative change, and while it be a disappointing experience for some, most will likely appreciate what a radical overhaul this game really is. The open-world design isn't just a lazy gimmick it's a wonderfully executed concept that doesn't rob the game of the series' most beloved act of driving fast and wrecking hard. The Burnout Paradise demo and formed a rather negative opinion of the game. But if you have any affection for the series, you really owe it to yourself to give the full game a look. The demo did little to truly represent what a superbly fun racer this game can be.

  • This is a childhood favourite. One that I would love to replay one day when I have the proper equipment and setup. The Xbox was my first video game console and Midtown Madness 3 was one of the first games I've ever played, and one I will never ever forget. I used to play this game with my sister, we just cruised around Washington D.C. and Paris causing mayhem. I miss those days. The current state of arcade racing games is sad for me to think about. I'll be back as an undercover agent in the future. Busting the Scandinavians and shutting down the Hot Shot Producer.

  • Let's cry together! I don't care if there are hundreds of plot-holes, I don't care if the graphics are mediocre and I don't care if the writing isn't the best. Life Is Strange was one of the most emotional journeys I've been through and it made me cry like a bitch. The soundtrack is amazing, I fell in love with the characters, I fell in love with the soundtrack, and I fell in love with the Adventure Game genre. I've played through this game multiple times now and I still get emotional every time I've revisited. This is without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite game of the 8th generation. "Bae > Bay" and that's all I've got to say.

  • I was skeptical at first. I didn't know what I was walking into before I played Forza Horizon but now I know. It's one of the best driving experiences I have ever had in a video game. I was angry after playing the abomination called 'Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012'. I was just in pure disgust and heartbreak and I needed a good driving game to take the bad taste out of my mouth, so Forza Horizon came to my rescue. In my time of heartbreak Playground Games have crafted a (dare I say) almost perfect game. Everything about Forza Horizon just flowed beautifully together and they formed a wonderful spin-off franchise from the Motorsport series.

  • This game has been through developmental Hell and delivered. Not many games get to do that. The games make it out of there are either massively disappointing or just downright terrible. Sleeping Dogs is quite the sleeper hit, it has amazing voice acting with a great blend of english and cantonese with a great story and a badass main character, Wei Shen. The combat system is fluid and works well and the visuals (especially on PC) looks incredible. It sucks that this game was underrated (praised by critics but forgotten by the community due to being a "GTA clone") and not too many people got to experience this thrilling action roller coaster. It's such a shame that Sleeping Dogs won't get a sequel to continue the crazy, dramatic life of Wei Shen and the Hong Kong police department.

  • I loved this game on the Xbox and it's one of the titles I'll still bust out from time to time, particularly for its fun ass split-screen multiplayer modes. It also helps that I have a good time playing through the campaign. For it's time the audio and visual elements are as detailed as I've ever seen (at the time.) Bungie has brought to the Xbox the game that will prove hundreds of thousands of naysayers wrong (about the system and the game) Microsoft isn't some 'boring office computer software company' they're a video game company as well. Halo on Xbox is one of the best things to happen in video games.

  • What original Xbox game had the best soundtrack in the mid-2000's? Jet Set Radio: Future of course! The controls may not be as tight and responsive as the Tony Hawk games but that's just one setback to an amazing... extreme sports game? platforming game? Whatever the genre this game I don't care, I love it. I love the art style, I love the music (obviously), I love the simple but goofy plot with the characters that revolve around it. This game might've encouraged me to wear a pair of rollerblades and learn how to ride those things. I obviously failed.