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What are some of the best ways to improve my writing skills?

Looking for serious feedback. I work the night-shift (graveyard hours) and really need to focus on something that can land me a better job. After reading Alex's recent article I decided that maybe this is something I should look into. I think the environment is something that would really fit my lifestyle. Games, tech. and family (not in that order lol) is all that matters to me.

So, looking for some tips, advice etc. I have a community college around me that I have attended awhile back, so that's an obvious decision. The biggest hurdle is that I hate writing. I believe it is mostly from not knowing how to do it well. The only job I see myself truly happy with is "video game journalist". Thanks ahead of time.


Wow time goes by so fast...

You know I originally came to GiantBomb because the community I knew from Gamespot migrated here. It started out great but, I found it to be to hostile for people suppose to enjoying video game discussion. I sometimes miss the old days as I am a sucker for nostalgia.

Well see ya when I see ya.


Yo guys!

Had a new video ready to go but audio is way out of sync. Piece of shit webcam. Expect a video soon...