I will buy crysis 2 when they give us dx11 (Maybe)

Crysis 2 and cryengine have been advertised and talked about for months and months. They kept saying it would benefit from being on consoles because it gets a bigger budget and stuff... But that lack of dx10 and 11 on release is inexcusable.
After reading Jeff's review and quicklooks I wanted to buy it but I won't until they give us dx11 and even then.... 
How good is the dx11 support really going to be for a game that was released as dx9? They obviously put most of there effort into the dx9 version. 
I am not disappointed with the gameplay (I haven't played it but what I have heard about it seems good and improved a bit), I am disappointed with the support.  
I would never of imagined after finishing crysis 1 that years later crysis 2 would be released with a DX version a generation behind... 
I care about graphics a lot, especially when it comes to this game. And no matter how good they made it look with dx9 they still held it back by not using 11.
And yes I am a pc gamer complaining about how we were slighted. (People get annoyed by that apparently)  
Because this is a case of the game being dragged down by the majority in one way.  
Doesn't mean I don't want you console gamers to have fun. 
p.s. it also doesn't help that I feel like I was lied to by marketing/people making the game for a year or so. I am a bit sensitive to that.