GOTY 2014

List items

  • My name is Dibdab and i have a Diablo addiction, I started off with a little recreational use at weekends and before i knew it I was playing every day. At the peek of the addiction I even came home from work at lunchtimes just to play a little. I am a lab rat running on the treadmill pressing the button hoping some loot will drop. I am still to this day confused why I still play this game but i keep coming back to it for more. The hours I have put into this game means that this is my game of the year. well done Diablo now drop me some loot.......

  • I watched Scoops playing the original game and really wanted to try it but held out for this newer version. It is a fun game with an amazing amount of replay-ability. It is simple at its core but the crazy items you get means that you have to change your playing style every game.

  • you see this game and immediately think of smash-tv in the middle ages (if this is correct or not is up to you). this game is not without its flaws but overall it is a good duel stick shooter and controls really well.

  • The best game for wasting time on a mobile device.

  • The majority of the time i spent with this was during the beta last year but as the official release was this year I thought I would include it again. Its a nice little game to jump into play a couple of games, get crushed and then leave it for a few weeks. Rinse and repeat and that's my hearthstone experience.

  • It's more borderlands, If you like borderlands then you will probably have fun with it. If you don't like borderlands then you won't.

  • Got this free on PS plus played a few hours and thought it was good. It currently sits on my pile of shame probably never to be finished.

  • This is currently on the top of my pile of shame. I played a few hours of it when it was first released and got overwhelmed by the Nemesis system. I was scared to die, which is the wrong way to play the game. But i know that when I start playing again and just relax i will enjoy my time with it.

  • This game is out right bonkers. Beautifully bonkers.

  • I feel slightly guilty adding this game to the list but I have to give my reasons. Firstly I have the PS3 version and it is without doubt the absolute WORST version of this game. The build of the game was a work in progress when it was on PC and for it to be released to console and then left without patches is a crime. However the reason I picked up this version of the game was because it can be played off-line and it can be modded (Yes i know this is not a nice thing to do). This game allows me to fore-fill all my demon killing and power trip fantasies that the 'real' version of diablo has dangled in front of me on the treadmill for years. If you want to play a proper version of diablo get the PC or next gen versions. If you want to walk down a darker path and ONLY PLAY OFF-LINE this might be worth a shoot.