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2023 Game of the Year

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  • Remedy is on another level with narrative delivery in video games. A survival horror game with an entire chapter that turns into a playable musical with a banging original track written specifically for the game, as is all the music in Alan Wake 2. Best moment of the year in gaming easily. The only thing that had me hesitating on this being GOTY was the unfortunate technical issues present when the game launched, including a bug that prevented me from advancing for several days until a patch hit. When the game is working as intended though, it's just so special and undeniably the must play game of 2023.

  • The best fighting game since at least Street Fighter 4? I still suck at fighting games, but something about the systems in this one I found endlessly fun and rewarding even when I was getting my ass kicked. They even gave us a Yakuza style single player campaign that was surprisingly decent!

  • Shadow dropped out of nowhere with zero fanfare, Hi-Fi might be the most overall well made game of the year. The art and animations, the soundtrack, the characters, the rhythm action gameplay...everything was just a joy to experience from start to finish.

  • Cocoon feels like a puzzle game made specifically for me. Not too long. Challenging but not too challenging. A pleasure to look at and listen to. Some mysterious world building that I'll never understand but is still fun to think about for a bit. Just a perfectly crafted puzzle experience.

  • There are certain games that just feel incredible to play from the moment you take control. Armored Core VI is the shining example of that in 2023. The best pure action gameplay of the year.

  • Another fantastic RE remake from Capcom. The original was always a little overrated to me, but the remake fixes most of the issues I had with it. I just wish they didn't recommend playing on Hardcore mode from the start, as I found myself getting a little frustrated with some of the combat encounters at that difficulty.

  • One of the better "souls like" games I've played. The obvious comparison here is Bloodborne, but I think that does Lies of P a disservice. There is no annoying mechanic that forces the player to grind for health items here, and the story is far more understandable than anything happening in Bloodborne.

  • They made another one those Spiderman games. Those games are still real good, in a summer blockbuster popcorn flick kind of way.

  • When Nintendo does 2D Mario well, it's still some of the best platform gaming you can get.

  • I wasn't expecting much from EA attempting to remake a classic, but they went well above and beyond with Dead Space. This is a great modernized version of one of the best horror games ever made.