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MW2 free weekend final thoughts

Well, now that the free weekend is over I thought I would write down what I think about the game after playing it a little more than I had when writing my other blog post. 
The first thing I want to say that I didn't mention the last time is the level-up/unlocking system (the reason I didn't write about it was that I hadn't really unlocked much) .
I personally think it is really great and was one of the things that made me play the game more. Not just the weapon unlocking but also getting new callsigns and titles was really fun. Also it didn't feel like everyone who was at a higher level than me had so much better weapons than me that I didn't stand a chance, which I think is one of the most important things in multiplayer games with unlock systems. 
In my other post I also mentioned that I thought the game felt smooth and after playing it some more I realized it was really the weapon handling I liked. Even though it isn't really that hard, since you can pretty much just hold down the mouse button since there isn't alot of recoil on the weapons I used atleast, it made shooting fun which is a pretty integral part of a shooter.  

And now for my main complaint with the game in my other post, the killstreaks. While it still isn't fun to be shot down from the sky by someone who can see my team clearly marked by red squares even though we are inside a house (though there is a perk against this), I didn't really mind the killstreaks that much while I had played the game for a while (except that one time when a harrier kept shooting me every damn time I respawned). 
While I don't think the killstreaks should be removed, since they are one of the things that make the game stand out compared to the many other FPS'es out there, I think they could have been handled a little bit differently, maybe even take away a few of the ones they have. One thing that I didn't realize at first was that your killstreak doesn't reset when you use one, like if you get 3 kills and get the UAV and use that you can get the 5 kill killstreak after just 2 more kills. I think maybe it should reset once you use one so you had to think more about when you should use your killstreaks. 
 Another thing I thought was pretty wierd was that if you got a killstreak but didn't use it before you got killed, you could use it once you respawned. That would have made more sense if the killstreak system worked like I suggested but right now it just feels wierd to me. 
So while the core gameplay and unlocking systems was fun and the game felt good to play the killstreak system bring the game down a bit but doesn't ruin the game, for me atleast, it still didn't hook me enough to make me buy the game, especially since even though they had lowered the price on Steam (can't remember how much) it still cost more than most other games. 


Modern Warfare 2 free weekend initial impressions

I have always thought MW2's multiplayer would be pretty boring, mainly because of the small maps and incredibly wierd hacks and stuff I've heard about. 
Though I've always wanted to try it out since pretty much all of my gaming friends say it's great, so when I saw the free weekend on Steam I quickly preloaded it and waited.  

It didn't start out well since when the game got unlocked I still had to download another 8GB (I think) since the preload only let me download 4GB (I see why they wouldn't let you preload everything if they were scared of someone unlocking it or something, but to leave out 8GB is just ridiculous if you ask me) 
When it was finally downloaded, I booted it up and joined a game of Free-for-all. 
The first thing I noticed was how smooth everything felt which immediately made me like the game more and want to keep playing, it made a good first impression.
What happened next was something I was not expecting at all, I was in the lead, I thought everyone was going to be all ''pro-style'' and shoot me around every corner, especially since almost everyone in the game was around level 60. Even though I got bumped down to fourth place before the game ended, I still wanted to play even more, which I did.   

Next I joined a Team Deathmatch game and this time it didn't go as well as the first time but I still had a good time, except for one thing, Killstreaks. The one thing that brought the game down for me was being blown up by huge explosions from the sky when I was trying to have a good time with my gun shooting people. 
I can see why many people think killstreaks is fun and since I have only played the game for about an hour or two I still haven't unlocked many of them so maybe I will learn to appreciate them after playing some more.  
Right now I have way more respect for MW2 than I had before and I will keep playing for the free weekend, and while I think it is a good game it still hasn't made me want to buy the game but you never know.