Bite the Hand that Bleeds You.

Hey, let's check out some popular games on Australian Steam. 

Please remember all Steam prices, no matter where you are, are in USD. The US Steam prices (to the best of my knowledge or my ability to remember to switch stores) are in [square brackets]. 

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 - $89.99 [$59.99]
Sid Meier's Civilization® V (Preorder) - $79.99 [$49.99]
Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition - $79.99 [$59.99]
Borderlands - $79.99 [$29.99]
Dragon Age: Origins, Digital Deluxe Edition - $79.99 [$39.99]
Metro 2033 - $79.99 [$49.99]
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 - $69.99 [$49.99]
Boring Old regular Mass Effect 2 without bells/whistles - $69.99 [$39.99]
Blur - $64.99 [$39.99]

Oh, and that old classic, CoD4:MW is $49.99 [$29.99], which is a lot better than the $99.95AUD Xbox Live's Games on Demand is asking for. (US Live's G-on-D seems to be $39.99USD) 

Hope none of you missed that awesome Steam sale. Maybe one day they'll make a stand against publishers/retailers again. We can only hope.


Beautiful Australia

I arrived slightly late to the 360 party and by the time I stopped murdering zombies in a mall long enough to hear about Beautiful Katamari, it was impossible to find on shelves in my town. With really bad luck on ebay, importing was looking like my only option, and not a very attractive one. Then came Games on Demand, showing up on our Xbox dashboards like a shady uncle. The answer to our prayers, right? Sadly no.  
By sheer luck I found a preowned copy for $29 at JBHiFi today and bought it. But as I was coming home I couldn't remember why I hadn't just downloaded it. As soon as I looked it up on live, I remembered. $70. For a two and a half year old game. Now that is annoying enough, but then you have to think 'Well I bet they don't charge that for the US' and no, no they do not.
A few weeks ago I had reminded myself why I don't play too many games by flicking steam pages from US to AU settings and looking at the prices. I just did that for the entire games on demand AU library and I'm sure you can all guess it was horrifying. 
Still, if any of my fellow Aussies can stomach the reminder, I made a pretty GB list to show the differences,