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Useful blogs / threads / lists

The reason for this blog is for me to have useful information that is normally scattered around the site.  I want to have it all in one central space, so that I am not contstantly trying to remember where it was and not having to dig through endless pages on the forums to get to it.  I will be providing links to not just the post itself, but also to the user who created it.  Creating this post makes me wish you could add favourite topics / blogs to a list or something, oh well.

Blog / Forum Thread / List & Comments
Flaime Flaime's Tips and Mini-Guide on Page Formatting  
Any keen Wiki editors must read this useful post by Flaime.  Using tables can make a world of difference to page layouts.
X19 TNT Archive
X19's TNT Archive post was inexplicably un-anchored from the forum.  This obviously can make it a little harder to locate, so here it is.
djames216 Free PC Games
This is my useful list that contains free-to-play MMOs, flat-out free full games etc.