First Time Builder, Second Time, whatever I gotta fit in Shalamar

So I did it, goddamnit I did it. Built a PC. Tried not to cut corners and just go all out. Waiting 4 weeks on parts you placed orders on just to have it culminate in a sweaty nervous fever dream build that lasts 5 hours on a Friday night. It was fantastic, regrettable? Yes. Were there things I wished I did differently? Absolutely. Where there parts I wish I didn't bother with, maybe. Would I trade my PC for someone else's? No.

I think that's kind of the underlying theme behind every PC right? Fucking ownership. You picked the parts out, you decided to throw a paycheck away in the middle of summer, and you're a crazy bastard that went, "well it can't be that fucking hard right? expensive legos?"

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And that ownership is worth it, it feels pretty great just hitting auto detect and the game spits out the highest settings it can throw. I mean I left out a goddamn optical drive, because I'm in the goddamn future and I don't need disks. Also my internet is pretty good so when I forgot to order an optical drive I just shrugged my shoulders and got a flash drive to get all my drivers and windows.

It's not all fist in the air moments though, I seriously underestimated my power supply and got one I thought was good when I really should have payed more attention.

NEW BUILDERS GET A MODULAR POWER SUPPLY. Don't be me, I have a full size HAF 932 case and I still have a goddamn jumble of cable on the bottom. Don't get this one because it's an even 100 and you can't spot the difference between that and this. Or alternatively you can go seasonic up to you. But trust me that first Corsair I linked to they airbrushed the cables out of the picture, they don't show you the parasite ridden dreadlocks it struggles with.

Just do yourself a favor and make sure you can take power cables out. I'm seriously thinking of getting a new power supply in a couple months and redo the whole job, mind you I feel I did a really good job with the cable routing and zipties, but man it's a goddamn mess in there. Maybe before I buy another hard drive to install Mac OS X on it I'll do that.

Another thing that's weird if you guys can take a look at the second to last picture (never mind the nail polish, I assure you he has a girlfriend that put it on him), is it fine if the fan is touching a stick of RAM? I think it's pushing it slightly on the motherboard. Temps are fine and the fan runs good, but should I be worried? I don't even know why RAM has that plastic comb on top.

Other than that though, man Tribes is cool. Have you played tribes yet? It's free! Also Witcher 2 is pretty, but fuck what the game tells you turn ubersampling off...

But I mean that's it guys, hopefully some of you cats listen to some of my advice, you're probably getting a lot of it right now or looking through guides you can't make heads or tails of. Don't worry though the minute you finish the PC is the moment all that advice makes sense. That's when you'll go "Oh of course you want to do it that way".

The PC also isn't done yet, I still need two matching monitors to go with it. Or maybe one of each? I was thinking of going either Dell or go kinda cheap and just get ASUS monitors. Are the Asus monitors good enough? Am I gonna notice a big difference? Am I gonna regret anything? Just get one Dell and get another Asus 23 inch? I'm not really gonna be going two monitor unless I'm editing. I just want a second screen for my sensor and skype stuff when I play games.

Also I'm thinking about going going on ebay to get crazy korean monitors that's stupid right? The gamble is you spend 400 bucks which is double my price range and maybe you get a perfect 2560 x 1440 screen that would normally be 1,000 dollars if bought here.

Kinda makes me want to redo this whole thing as a poll, whatever maybe next time. Here's that shalamar I promised...Yeah I should have went Parliament-Funkadelic.