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Number 2 Halo 3 

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 Oh my god this game is sooo overrated it's not even funny. The Halo series is probably the most overrated and over hyped franchise is history! The game is not even fun to play at all. The story is awful and Master Chief is probably the worst character in the history of video games. Anyone who likes the Halo games is a poser gamer and is not as hardcore as me. I can think of way way better first person shooters, like Space Griffon! 

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Now this game rocks.The story is sooo good, the characters and voice acting are amazing. This game is for more sophisticated gamers like myself and is way more hardcore then Halo.  lolhalo
Number 1 Final Fantasy VII  

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Oh my god this game is sooo overrated I can't belive it. Whats with all the stupid looking blocky characters and the crappy midi music. I expect alot more from a game that was made in 1997 come on! This games characters and story are sooooo cliche oh my god. Like when you find out that Mako Energy is really just sucking up souls from the planet to generated electricity, like hello that has been done like a million times oh my god! I can think of way way better RPGs then Final Fantasy VII, like Elmo's Letter Adventure.  

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Now this is a RPG that is made for the sophisticated hardcore gamer like myself. The Story and characters are top notch and the battle system is excellent. Why can't Final Fantasy VII be more like this game. Those are my Top 2 Most Overrated games of all time. Oh well I can't expect everybody to as hardcore and sophisticated as me. Real gamers like myself spend more time *****ing on the internet about video games then actually playing them, that's how you know you are truly awsome!  

An rememberz!! half-life 2 iz teh greatest game evar!!! LOL!!!